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Pure Indigenous Rose Geranium Essential Oil – 10ml

Rose Geranium Essential oil is used mainly for its fragrant smell, however it is widely used as a calming oil to aid relaxation and help to relieve stress and anxiety. Quirky Indigenous Uses: A mood elevator Used for calming & relaxation

Pure Indigenous Namibian Myrrh Essential Oil – 10ml

Namibian Myrr has been used since ancient times as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, as an anti-septic in mouthwashes, gargles, toothpastes and for toothache. And used topically for abrasions and minor skin ailments, bruises, aches and sprains. It is also used for indigestion, ulcers, colds, coughs, asthma, lung congestion and arthritic pain. Quirky Uses: It was used by the Egyptians in a sun-worshipping ritual and during mummification. Greek soldiers were known to take a phial of Myrrh oil with them into battle, to stop bleeding wounds. Used as a mood enhancer

Pure Indigenous Oil Blend Soothing – 20ml

This soothing oil blend is intended to calm the seas of To Do's and obligations by taking a little time out with this gentle blend of African Immortelle Helichrysum, Rose Geranium and African Lemon Bush essential oil blended in cold pressed Cape Grapeseed Oil.

Pure Indigenous Oil Blend Night – 20ml

Set aside the business of the day with this blend oil for night and allow your pillow to take you on a magical night journey of restful dreams with this sublime blend of African Immortelle Helichrysum, Cape Chamomile, Rose Geranium and Cape Snowbush blended in cold pressed Cape Grapeseed Oil.

Pure Indigenous Oil Blend Happiness – 20ml

Enjoy this love potion oil blend and see all the love that surrounds you and draw more in! ​Artemisia (African Wormwood) has been used as a love charm since ancient times, while Rose Geranium takes away the stress and Cape Snowbush brings calm, allowing more love in. All blended in cold pressed Cape Grapeseed Oil.

Pure Indigenous Oil Blend Happiness – 20ml

Enjoy this oil blend for happiness and allow the warmth of the African sun to lift your spirit. Bring joy back with the aid of African Helichrysum, a known protector and Rose Geranium, a mood lifter, both blended in cold pressed Cape Grapeseed Oil.

Pure Indigenous Cape Buchu Oil – 10ml

Buchu oil is one of the most popular local remedies, known as a tonic for physical wellbeing. Traditionally the leaves are steeped in a brandy tincture called ‘Boegoe-brandewyn’ for stomach ailments and for hangovers. Commonly used to stimulate urinary function, for kidney and urinary tract discomfort, symptomatic relief from gout and rheumatism and as an external application to wounds and bruises. Quirky Indigenous Uses: Elixir of youth Anti-ageing

Pure Indigenous Rose Geranium Room Spray – 100ml

A room and body mist spray that lets you see life through rose tinted spectacles! Rose Geranium room spray has a sublime roselike fragrance with a hint of citrus, known to reduce stress and act as a mood enhancer. Beautiful, sweet and gentle - just like you!

Pure Indigenous Calm Room Spray – 100ml

Calm Room Spray brings back that sense of total trust that all is well and as it should be. With Cape Chamomile, Kenyan Frankincense and Rose Geranium essential oils, you can give a big sigh out as your troubles melt away.

Pure Indigenous African Wormwood Essential Oil – 10ml

Wormwood is one of the most well known and commonly used healing plants. With its antimicrobial and anti oxidative properties the leaves have been used to treat a broad range of ailments, ranging from coughs, colds, flu, fever, headaches; to gastritis, indigestion, flatulence, colic, poor appetite, intestinal worms, constipation and gout. The vapour, from the oil added to hot water, is inhaled to clear blocked nasal passages and ease a tight chest. It is widely used as a moth repellent and a natural insecticide spray. Quirky Indigenous Uses: Leaves in socks for sweaty feet Condiment with supposed magical properties Used as a love charm

Pure Indigenous African Immortelle Helichrysum Essential Oil – 10ml

This Immortelle Helichrysum Essential Oil is traditionally used for its sedative properties for insomnia, to relieve headaches and tension as well as for coughs, colds, fever and headaches. It is an effective fumigant that repels insects such as lice and mosquitos and other parasites. Quirky Indigenous Uses: Rituals to invoke ancestors Burnt inside houses to protect it from evil spirits Clear spaces of negative energy Fumigate sick rooms Used as bedding to repel bed bugs

Escentia Aroma Candle Lavender – Each


Therapeutic aromatherapy candle with anti-allergy and insomnia aid lavender oil.