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Fresh Earth Gluten Free White Bread & Pizza Mix – 340g


Healthier Baking! Just add yeast, oil, sugar and water and bake with love xxx

Bake with Matthew here (Bread Dough) or here (Pizza Dough)

Fresh Earth Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix – 350g


No artificial anything! 

Just add milk, oil, eggs and vanilla extract. Make ‘em and stack ‘em. Yum!

Make them with Matthew here

Fresh Earth Gluten Free Brown Bread Mix – 340g


Drop bread gorgeous! So easy to bake, just add yeast, oil, sugar and water.

Banting Bread Mix – 230g


The Banting Bread Mix is sure to satisfy the craving for fresh bread! Simply add olive or coconut oil, eggs and water and voila! A delicious loaf of low-carb bread to enjoy with your favourite choice of toppings.

Banting Chocolate Cake Mix – 230g


The Banting Chocolate Cake Mix is a ready-mix that can make one round cake or six cupcakes. All you have to do is add eggs, butter, vanilla essence and plain yoghurt to the ready-mix. You'll soon have a low-carb version of everyone's favourite tea-time treat.

Fresh Earth Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix – 350g


So delicious, you would not know it is Gluten Free! Just add milk, butter, oil, eggs and vanilla extract.