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Epiphany Can-Do-Brew – 12’s

Epiphany Can-do-Brew is a beautiful brain boosting coffee made from pure freeze dried coffee, lions mane mushrooms and siberian ginseng root. This brew assists with focus and concentration and a turbo charge energy boost to your day.

Solgar Silica – 50’s

Silica is an important trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues of your body — cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. Silica is essential in the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein found in your body.

Solgar Siberian Ginseng – 60’s

Solgar ® Siberian Ginseng Root Extract is just one of several species which contains ginseng from Korean origin, made from the root and the offshoots called root hairs. Ginseng is believed to help improve concentration and supports energy and vitality.

Solgar Black Cohosh – 60’s

Solgar SFP Black Cohosh Root Extract Plus is a premium standardised full potency formulation containing Black Cohosh and soya isoflavones, traditionally used to support women during the menopausal years.

Solgar Ashwagandha – 60’s

Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic, Indian, and Unani medicine, and has been described as “Indian ginseng.” It is classified as an adaptogen, helping the body to manage and adapt to stress. Solgar ® Ashwagandha Root Extract Vegetable Capsules are suitable for vegans. With 1 tablet a day you will nourish your body with 1.5% (4.5 mg) of the active ingredient withanolides.

Soaring Free Immunity Medicinal Mushrooms – 77g

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS BLEND Broad Spectrum Immune Support Back your immune system with a full bodyguard of 6 powerful medicinal mushrooms! Mushrooms contain unique bioactive nutrients that cannot be found in any other plant or animal sources. They are a rich source of polysaccharides and anti-inflammatory antioxidants protecting the body against microbial and viral infections. They also contain beta glucans (soluble dietary fibre) which is strongly linked to improving your gut microbiome. Our immunity mushroom blend is a combination of the 6 most potent, broad spectrum, dried medicinal mushrooms that are proven to strengthen and support immune health, enhanced with the botanical longevity herb, gynostemma, known as “the herb of immortality.”

Soaring Free Monk Fruit – 40g

NATURAL SUGAR-FREE SWEETENER Natural, Zero GI Sweetener Monk fruit is a natural sugar alternative, is Keto friendly, and a great sugar substitute for diabetics. It's been cultivated for centuries by Buddhist monks and is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar, without the calories or carbohydrates, so it won't cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. It is also a revered as a traditional Chinese herb used to support respiratory health.

Soaring Free Maca Xpresso – 77g

Organic Maca Xpresso is an adaptogenic Libido enhancer. BLACK MACA EXTRACT Maca Xpresso powder is 100% black maca chips, dried and infused with 10:1 concentrated maca extract. The unique cold extraction process concentrates all the essential nutrients, making them more bioavailable for effective absorption. We use only traditionally grown, highest quality maca roots from Junín which have retained their adaptogenic properties.

Soaring Free Organic Macuna Powder – 77g

NATURE'S ANTIDEPRESSANT Improves Sleep + Enhances Mood, Cognition + Memory Mucuna pruriens is known as Velvet Bean and is used in Ayurveda to treat nervous system disorders, depression, neurodegeneration, low sex drive and infertility. It contains bioactive tryptamines, including serotonin and 5-HTP, and is most known for containing a very powerful neurotransmitter precursor called L-dopa. L-dopa is an amino acid that converts into dopamine. Dopamine is depleted by stress, stimulants and alcohol.

Soaring Free Wildcrafted Red Kratom – 77g

PAIN ALLEVIATING, CALMING WHOLE LEAF POWDER Natural Calmative + Mental Support + Pain Relief Kratom, a potent medicinal plant rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, is a tropical evergreen tree native to the jungles of Southeast Asia. Red Kratom is used for natural pain relief and relaxation, to soothe fevers and provide calming mental support.

Soaring Free Wildcrafted Green Kratom – 77g

PAIN ALLEVIATING, ENERGISING WHOLE LEAF POWDER For Natural Energy + Mental Support Kratom, a potent medicinal plant rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, is a tropical evergreen tree native to the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Soaring Free Potent Plants Release – 90’s

CALMING MOOD ENHANCER Release is one of our Potent Plant blends of synergistic herbs with kratom, revered for it's ability to restore your mind and body with calmness for much needed relaxation. Designed to help you relax your body and mind. Release is a medicinal food source & contains 4 adaptogenic herbs that will soothe the body & enhance your mood.