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NOW Sunflower Lecithin – 100s

NOW® Sunflower Lecithin has phosphatidyl choline, the most abundant phospholipid in the cell membrane, where it plays a key role in cellular signaling and synaptic function.* NOW® Sunflower Lecithin also naturally abounds in phosphatidyl inositol, phosphatidyl ethanolamine, and essential fatty acids. Lecithin in the diet aids in emulsifying fats, enabling them to be dispersed in water; and as a choline-containing phospholipid, its choline is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Sunflower Lecithin is believed to aid in the treatment of gallbladder disease, liver disease, certain types of depression, high cholesterol, anxiety, and eczema. NOW® Sunflower Lecithin Softgels are non-GMO and soy-free.

NOW Red Yeast Rice – 60s

Red yeast rice is a natural product that has been used by Asian traditional herbalists since approximately 800 A.D. Produced by fermenting red yeast (Monascus purpureus) with white rice and is commonly used in cooking applications to enhance the color and flavor of foods. Peking duck is an example of the coloration and flavor imparted by red yeast rice. The benefits of red yeast rice extend beyond correcting cholesterol levels with more and more research showing that it may also benefit inflammation, metabolic syndrome and blood sugar levels. NOW® Red Yeast Rice is carefully produced to avoid the presence of citrinin, an unwanted by-product of the fermentation process. Natural color variation may occur in this product.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Sachets – 15’s


Green Vibrance Powder is an award winning green superfood powder that's capable of supplying your body with the diverse array of nutrients needed to sustain your good health, and improve your energy levels.

CMC Jewel Tea (10’s)

Jewel Tea may assist in the following ways: Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Decreases blood sugar level and increases insulin reproduction, Assists with diabetics, Prevents cancer cell reproduction, Prevents stroke and heart diseases, Strengthens immune system and prevents TB, Regulates endocrine, Inhibits acne and dark spots