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Aether Reishi Mushroom Tincture – 30ml

Reishi is also known as rokkaku-reishi, this morphology is obtained by exposing the growing mushroom to a high CO2 environment, this results in the stems elongated growth in search of oxygen - triterpines are found in high concentrations in the stem of this fungus, thus bioactive compounds such as phenolics, flavonoids, water- soluble polysaccharides and most importantly ganoderic acid (and other triterpenoids ) show an almost two-fold increase in the antler-type fruiting bodies as compared to normal kidney- shaped fruiting bodies. This means an overall higher quantity of bioactive compounds and higher antioxidant potential.

Aether Lions Mane Tincture – 30ml

Aether Lions Mane tincture is made up of many different medicinal phytochemicals including the usual β-glucans & many triperpanoids (as in most mushrooms ). But of particular pharmacological interest are two classes of terpenoid compounds thus far known to occur only in Hericium spp: these are hericenones (C– H)- a group of aromatic compounds & erinacines (A–I)- a group of cyathane-type diterpenoids, Erinarols (A–J) have also been isolated along with Erinacerin One of the most exciting applications of Lion’s Mane is its potential preventative role against neurodegeneration & beneficial effects on brain health. The bioactive compounds diterpenoids erinacine A, B, & C along with the triterpenes herecenones and erinacerin were shown to stimulate the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF), which is involved in organizing the function of neurons in the central nervous system & brain. These are the neurons that degenerate during the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Lions mane has been found to increase memory, understanding, communication, sharpness, & concentration. It has also shown great effect in treating stress & anxiety making it a wonderful medicine for all ages - not just those suffering from neurological deterioration. Various studies have conclusively proven that alcohol extracts of lion’s mane increases NGF expression in cells far more than what water extract do. for this reason we only produce high quality hydro-ethanol extractions to ensure potent brain support. This gourmet edible mushroom has been used for hundreds of years by healers & chefs alike in China, India, Japan & Korea - but with new modern research, only now can we truly understand this mushrooms phenomenal medicinal benefits.

Aether Cordyceps Tincture – 30ml

Aether Cordyceps Tincture is an entomopathogenic fungus that attacks & colonizes many insects that hibernate just below the soil surface, Of more than 400 species of Cordyceps discovered, two have become the focus of health research: Ophiocordyceps sinensis & Cordyceps militaris. These 2 varieties are tremendously powerful however when this mushroom is grown on plant based substrates it produces more potent phytochemical - Cordyceps mushrooms are filled with powerful phytochemicals - of particular interest are adenosine, cordycepic acid, ophiocordin & finally the nucleoside, cordycepin. Cordyceps' main claims to fame is its unmatched ability to increase energy & combat fatigue - it does this by increasing production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essential for delivering energy to the muscles. This also improves the way our bodies use oxygen, especially during exercise. Cordyceps also has a wonderful ability to increasing libido & sexual function, it highly influences the release of testosterone, increases blood circulation, & also enhance erectile function, virility & stamina Cordyceps has also been proven to be a tonic for lung & kidney health, it increases sperm production, stimulates the endocrine system, & has powerful antibacterial activity.

Aether Hormone Tincture – 30ml

Aether Hormone Tincture can assist with the female reproductive and hormonal system which is deeply complex and can be effected by a multitude of things, from stress and diet to travel and sleep patterns. We have therefore created a nourishing blend which acts as a woman’s health tonic to bring some balance to menstrual cycles and relieve unwanted symptoms or painful periods, amenorrhoea, irregular periods, cramps and PMS symptoms.

Aether Turkey Tail – 30ml

Aether Turkey Tail tincture is a vibrant & colorfully banded mushroom which is aptly named turkey tail for its resemblance to the semi- circular, banded tails of wild turkeys. These mushrooms are used in TCM as immunomodulators that boosts immune function & fight infections. This ability to support the health of both an under-active & over-active immune system is very rare & valued among physicians. Turkey tail mushrooms are also revered for their potential antitumor mechanisms & ability to treat pulmonary disease. Beautiful & medicinal. This mushrooms most important phytochemicals are protein bound polysaccharides - PSK (polysaccharide krestin) & PSP (polysaccaropeptide) which are the principal immune enhancing & anti-tumor fractions present in this fungus.

Aether Immunity Tincture – 30ml

Aether Immunity Tincture is one of the best ways to avoid ailments and infections by taking action before-hand, ensuring the body is strong enough to ward off risk of disease. Preventative medicine increases the body’s ability to maintain health and well- being. We have therefore created this blend to maintain a healthy immune system and keep the body functioning at it’s optimum capacity, thereby decreasing severity of infections.

Aether Cognitive Tincture – 30ml

Aether Cognitive tincture is a blend that acts as a nootropic medicine to promote mental clarity, focus, improve both long and short term memory as well as maintain a healthy overall brain. It does so by incorporating powerful circulation stimulating herbs as well as herbs which aid in supporting the process of neurogenesis and memory retention. This blend also boosts nervous system health.

Aether Relax Tincture – 30ml

Aether relax tincture helps with chronic stress which has immensely damaging effects on the health of the body and mind. In an effort to aid this imbalance we have created a blend which helps to soothe and lessens the negative side effects of stress as well as also promoting more efficient management of it - this blend will additionally aid in relaxing the mind and body in times of stress to decrease excess cortisol production.

Essential Balance Colloidal Silver – 500ml


Colloidal Silver Liquid can be taken as a daily dietary supplement, and also as a tonic to help strengthen the immune system to fight infection.

Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver – 500ml


Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver Liquid can be taken as a daily dietary supplement, and also as a tonic to help strengthen the immune system to fight infection.

Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver – 200ml


Silverlab Ionic Colloidal Silver Liquid can be taken as a daily dietary supplement, and also as a tonic to help strengthen the immune system to fight infection.

Phyto Force Sceletium – 50ml


Used for Stress and Anxiety, Tension and Colic.

Phyto Force Slippery Elm – 50ml


Assists with gastritis, duodenal / gastric ulcer and colitis.

Phyto Force Neem – 50ml


Assists with Detoxification, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, blood purification, promotes healing, fights against malaria, tuberculosis, rheumatism & jaundice.

Phyto Force Butcher’s Broom – 50ml


Over-active thyroid, weak heart, sedative,astringent, coughs, bleeding from lungs, insomnia, circulation, graves disease.

Phyto Force Bladderwrack – 50ml


Balances under active thyroid, anti-rheumatic.Stimulates the thyroid gland is an excellent treatment for goitre. Also helps with all associated symptoms, like obesity and cellulite.

Phyto Force Hypoxis Cream – 50ml


Produced from an extract from the tuberous rootstock of the African Potato, this cream is extremely effective in the treatment of weeping eczema, athlete’s foot, boils, skin cancer, pimples and arthritis.

Bio Logic Diabi-Logic – 50ml


A combination of herbs to assist with the treatment of Diabetes. Nettle, Raspberry, Quassia, Black, Walnut, Java Plum (Jambul), which has hypoglycaemic and bitter properties.

Phyto Force Wormwood (50ml)


This is a herbal tincture made from the plant, Wormwood (Artemesia absinthium ).