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Escentia Aroma Candle Lavender – Each


Therapeutic aromatherapy candle with anti-allergy and insomnia aid lavender oil.

Escentia Aroma Candle Vanilla – Each


Therapeutic aromatherapy candle with stress relieving and calming vanilla oil.

Escentia Aroma Candle Rose – Each


Therapeutic aromatherapy candle with soothing Rose essential oils.

Escentia Aroma Candle Neroli- Each


Therapeutic aromatherapy candle with anxiety and depression relieving neroli oil.

Escentia Aroma Candle Lemongrass – Each


Therapeutic aromatherapy candle with stress relieving and rejuvenating lemongrass oil.

Buddha Candle – each

These stunning candles are made using fully-refined paraffin wax, the finest imported colour pigments and 100% cotton wicks to ensure that they are long-burning and dripless. Their frosted appearance is achieved through pouring the wax at a slightly lower temperature into silicone moulds that Kapula makes ourselves. Each and every Kapula figurine candle shape is carefully designed and tested to ensure that they burn beautifully throughout their lifespan. Color options communicated upon ordering.

Escentia Chakra Candle

Escentia Chakra candle is a therapeutic aromatherapy candle, each layer contains a different essential oil which is in harmony with that color.