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Youthful Living Keto Collagen Bar Salted Caramel – 52g

Keto friendly, high protein bar made with 10g of Collagen per bar, providing your recommended daily dose of Collagen now conveniently in a delicious bar. Our keto Collagen bars are also Palm oil and Gluten free.
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Fresh Earth Raw Activated Goji Granola – 600g

Our Raw Activated Goji Granola is made with simple, real food ingredients. Dehydrated for 11 hours at 45 degrees Celsius to maintain it’s raw nutritional integrity. The basic premise is that developing or activating nuts and seeds store their energy and nutrients as phytic acid, and that’s what it uses as fuel during periods of rapid growth, such as germination. Enzyme inhibitors stave that off, but along with phytic acid, they’re not super compatible with the human digestive system which then doesn’t receive the full payload of nutrients. The nuts and seeds are covered in filtered water for several hours, depending on the kind, then roasted at a low temperature until they are dehydrated. The effect of this process is a food that’s much easier for the body to benefit from, because there’s no barrier to nutrient absorption.
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Soaring Free Mesquite Powder (200g)


Mesquite pods are among the earliest known foods of prehistoric man in the new world. Native Americans saw it as an integral part of their culture, and served it as food and used it to make medicinal tea. The seedpods are ground into flour, and are rich in protein content also containing L-lysine as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.

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Soaring Free Hemp Seeds Shelled (200g)


Raw organic muscle builder and energy booster.

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Soaring Free Cacao Butter (200g)


Cacao Butter is the good fat or oil content of the Cacao Bean which has been cold pressed out of the bean. It allows one to make hard-set chocolates. You can also use it as an amazing skin moisturiser.

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