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Tractor Xylitol (750g)


If you want to sweeten something, xylitol is an excellent choice.

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Tractor Raw Honey – 500g

Tractor Honey raw is also best described as honey "as it exist in the beehive" extracted from the honeycomb of the Hive and poured over a mesh nylon cloth to separate the honey from left over beeswax and dead bees. Locally sourced Unfiltered Unheated Untreated
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Tractor Coconut Sugar


Produced from the sweet juices of tropical coconut palm sugar blossoms.

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Maple Syrup BioGreno (250ml)


The main thing that sets maple syrup apart from refined sugar, is the fact that it also contains some minerals and antioxidants.

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Health Connection Stevia Tablets (300`s)


Stevia is a herbal sweetener extracted from a South American plant, Stevia Rebaudiana, and conveniently put into tablets. It is rich in natural compounds (such as stevioside) that make it taste sweet and which are not absorbed by the human digestive system, and therefore do not contribute to calories in the diet.

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