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Tractor Dried Cherries – 250g

High in Antioxidants,  Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relieving,  Sleep Aid, Contains, Essential Nutrients, May Lower Cholesterol, May Lower Blood Sugar, Immune Boosters most of all Cherries are Delicious !!.
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Tractor preserved Mango- 250g

Our unpreserved mango is done by us with any preservatives and a perfect on the go snack for your lunchbox.
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Fresh Earth Essene Bread – 6’s

Essene bread is a simple form of sprouted grain bread made from sprouted wheat and prepared at a low temperature to maintain it's nutritional integrity. Our homemade essene bread is made from nuts, seeds and herbs. Low carb and grain free. This is not just a bread or cracker to snack on. Our Essene bread is raw, sprouted and dehydrated to ensure you get living food that feeds your good gut bacteria to keep you thinking clearly, feeling full and healthy.
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Fresh Earth Raw Activated Goji Granola – 600g

Our Raw Activated Goji Granola is made with simple, real food ingredients. Dehydrated for 11 hours at 45 degrees Celsius to maintain it’s raw nutritional integrity. The basic premise is that developing or activating nuts and seeds store their energy and nutrients as phytic acid, and that’s what it uses as fuel during periods of rapid growth, such as germination. Enzyme inhibitors stave that off, but along with phytic acid, they’re not super compatible with the human digestive system which then doesn’t receive the full payload of nutrients. The nuts and seeds are covered in filtered water for several hours, depending on the kind, then roasted at a low temperature until they are dehydrated. The effect of this process is a food that’s much easier for the body to benefit from, because there’s no barrier to nutrient absorption.
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Tractor Pitted Dates


Pitted Dates are a great way to stisfying our sweet tooth in a healthier way while enjoying their nutritional benefits.

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Tractor Unpreserved Figs


Dried figs make for a tasty snack, plus, it contains numerous health benefits!

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Tractor Mixed Berries

Our berries have been dehydrated - not too tart, just right and sweet perfect for your lunchbox or on the go snack.
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