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Tractor Puffed White Rice- 150g

Puffed rice can be combined innovatively with unique combinations of vegetables, fruits, savouries, dry fruits and sauces, to make healthy snacks.
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Tractor Dried Cherries – 250g

High in Antioxidants,  Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relieving,  Sleep Aid, Contains, Essential Nutrients, May Lower Cholesterol, May Lower Blood Sugar, Immune Boosters most of all Cherries are Delicious !!.
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Tractor Couscous – 1kg

Couscous is delicious, quick and easy to add to you main dish or stew. Allowing you to make your dinner plans faster than ever.
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Tractor preserved Mango- 250g

Our unpreserved mango is done by us with any preservatives and a perfect on the go snack for your lunchbox.
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Tractor Cocoa Powder Natural – 200g

Cocoa powder is 58% carbohydrates, 14% fat, 20% protein, and 3% water (table). It contains several minerals in rich content (having a Daily Value of 20% or higher), including manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and zinc, while calcium levels are moderate (table).
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Tractor Unpreserved Figs


Dried figs make for a tasty snack, plus, it contains numerous health benefits!

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Tractor Dish Wash Liquid – 500ml


A 100% biodegradable dish wash liquid. Giving Mother Earth a well deserved break

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Tractor Mixed Berries

Our berries have been dehydrated - not too tart, just right and sweet perfect for your lunchbox or on the go snack.
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