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Gluten Free Rusks Seeded

These gluten free rusks are vanilla flavoured and made with a combination of sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds. Good for your heart and your health!
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Fresh Earth Gluten Free Premix White Bread & Pizza – 340g

Healthier Baking! Just add yeast, oil, sugar and water and bake with love xxx Bake with Matthew here (Bread Dough) or here (Pizza Dough)
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Fresh Earth Gluten Free Premix Brown Bread – 340g


Our gluten free premix for brown bread is Drop bread gorgeous! So easy to bake, just add yeast, oil, sugar and water.

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Banting All Purpose Flour – 230g


The Banting All Purpose Flour has been made with only the best quality, natural ingredients so that you can make a better, more natural, healthier choice. Create your own baked goodies using this flour - it works as a great base for a variety of recipes.

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