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Orbs Peppermint Dark Chocolate Roasted Chickpeas- 65g

Seeking a nutty texture that would be pleasing to the bite, they Cheaky Co developed a process to dry roast the mighty chickpea in such a way that it produces a satisfying crunch. Combine that with premium dark chocolate, and you’ve got a recipe that will keep you coming back. Enter Orbs! Using only chickpeas, and sustainably sourced direct trade cocoa beans from Africa, this morish chickpea snack is suitable for strict vegans and strict vegetarians, and is free from gluten, soy, cows milk and preservatives.

Orbs Chocolate Roasted Chickpeas – 65g

Moreish and delicious dry roasted chickpeas smothered in a smooth and ethically sourced creamy oat m*lk chocolate. Free from gluten, high in fibre and vegan.