This talk and demonstration is designed to inspire you. We will show you how to be creative with your food, introduce you to new ingredients and remind you that good food determines how you think and perform. Your body is a result of what you eat!

Buy the best quality ingredients available, read the labels and keep it as close to nature as possible. This means no preservatives, refined carbohydrates, added sugar colours or salts.

Aside from the absolute enjoyment of sharing a great tasting meal with family and friends, food is there to nourish our physical bodies. Our body, which is constantly recreating itself, uses the food you feed it to do just that. We will show you how to prepare great tasting food without compromising the nutritional value of the food and maintaining its life force, which is an essential journey to connecting to our higher Self.

The connection between who you are and what you eat has been lost over the years. Being aware of what role food plays in your body (being conscious) does not mean giving up some of the fantastically indulgent food we have created in the modern world, but in fact, frees us up to enjoy and appreciate them much more. Eating healthily means taking responsibility for our health and the total management of our bodies.

What to expect from the class:

My team and I will prepare dinner, dessert and snacks (and a few more yummy sides), and while we prepare the dishes I will talk you through the nutritional benefits of the ingredients we are using. I will show you how to use difficult ingredient and making them tasty and everyday ingredients. I will also share with you my journey of 23 years of living this kind of lifestyle and the helpful hacks I have learnt over time.

Classes start at 18h00 Fresh Earth Delta – 74 Hillcrest Ave Blairgowrie and costs R500 per person.

The classes are limited to 14 people per class and your payment secures your booking.

All the dishes are vegetarian with vegan options.




Upcoming Class Dates:
8 May or 15 May – Gut Health Nutritional Cooking Class

Matthew Cooking Class

To book contact, Renschi on 011 646 4404 or

Cancellation terms apply.

Space is limited. Booking essential.

Held 8 May or 15 May @ 18h00 At Fresh Earth Delta Central – 74 Hillcrest Ave Blairgowrie, Johannesburg.

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    Matthew Cooking Class
    Matthew Cooking Class
    Matthew Cooking Class
    Matthew Cooking Class