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Back to Nature Earth Face Mask – 100ml

Earth Face Mask is a miracle combination of ancient earth extracts, carbons, oils & botanicals. Malachite crystal ( yes we put beautiful, healing crystals in our mask ) serves as an antioxidant, where the charcoal, kaolin & silt detox & purify the skin, also encouraging blood circulation (silt) and sebum reduction. The silt used in our Earth Mask, is a naturally occurring, bioactive silt rich in organic components of which is collected from the bottom of a lake in Croatia, where the fresh water sediment is more than 30 000 years old. The silt is rich in fatty acids, nitrogen and humid acid. The activated charcoals and kaolin clay are what’s going to absorb excess oil in the skin and detox any congested pores. All the beautiful botanicals in the Earth Mask hydrate, brighten & nourish the skin. It’s all Nature’s secret.

Back to Nature Face Wash – 100ml

Kaolin clay in this stunning face wash is amazing for drawing out toxins in the skin, as well as softening and toning. Rooibos is rich in anti-oxidants, therefore an anti-aging agent, it is great for treating issues such as eczema and acne. The natural oils and extracts of coconut, almond & tea tree all have their own abundance of healing and rejuvenating properties to the skin. It’s all nature’s secret.

Back to Nature Face Serum Botanical – 30ml

Jojoba & sea buckthorn oil in this face serum naturally have healing anti-inflammatory properties, reducing redness, calming & brightening the skin. RoseHip is rich in Vitamin A, reducing age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation. Buchu is a miracle fynbos botanical that assists in removing excess oil, reducing spots & blemishes. The plant based squalene locks in moisture and prevents fine lines.

Back to Nature Skin Food Day Cream – 50ml

Face Food Day Cream is a pot filled with natures magic. Coconut oil has it's natural anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties and shea butter is high in fatty acids & vitamins, also known for its powers of reducing pigmentation and lightening the skin. Marula oil is rich in anti oxidants and helps to prevent scars & stretch marks. The lavender reduces redness and is a wonderful natural anti bacterial.

Back to Nature Skin Food Night Cream – 50ml

This beautiful night cream contains avocado with antioxidant carotenoids, which are free radical quenching compounds that protect your skin from environmental damages that leads to lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. In addition the coconut oil, non-gmo soy wax and frankincense all have miraculous properties of their own. Can be used on all skin types, and is ideal to use on your skin during winter.

SoPure Hand Wash Neroli – 500ml

SoPure's nourishing Neroli & Tangelo Hand Wash Liquid aids in washing away viruses, bacteria and yeast without using harmful chemicals or additives. SoPure's pH balanced hygiene wash is ideal for sensitive skin leaving your hands citrus fresh while washing away up to 99.9% of germs. Made with a plant-powered formula of natural preservatives and essential oils. 100% non-toxic and whole-earth friendly. Gentle on hands. Kind to everyone and the planet. Biodegradable. Not tested on animals. Free of nasties and full of good nature for happy bodies, happy people and a happy planet. pH balanced hygiene wash Washes away up to 99.9% of germs Ideal for sensitive skin Whole earth friendly Full of good nature

SoPure Hand Sanitizer – 500ml

Keep you and your baby safe and germ free with SoPure's hydrating and non-sticky Spray & Go Hand Sanitizer. Suitable for both mom's and baby's hands, our alcohol-free hand sanitizer aids in eliminating viruses, bacteria and yeast without the use of harmful chemicals. Free from fake scents and chemicals and anything animal, SoPure's innovative formulation is 100% non-toxic. Gentle on newly born skin. Kind to everyone and the planet. Biodegradable. Not tested on animals. Free of nasties and full of good nature for happy people and a happy planet. Alcohol and chemical-free Kills 99.9% of germs Rinse-free and soft on hands Hydrating and non-sticky Non toxic and residue-free Full of good nature

Earthsap Hand & Body Lotion Pomegranate & Cranberry – 250ml

A beautiful biodegradable and non toxic lotion for all skin types to moisturize and protect. Leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth with a lingering natural scent.

Sri Sri Tattva Protecting Sunscreen – 100ml


Face the sun confidently with Sri Sri Tattva Protecting Sunscreen with a SPF of 16. It’s herbal, non sticky formulation forms a micro-barrier film over the skin’s surface to protect it against harmful rays of the sun. It’s Skin lightening molecules fade away uneven tan and sunspots. Sri Sri Tattva Protecting Sunscreen your natural Sun Block Expert.

Sri Sri Tattva Moisturising Cream – 150g


Made from natural ingredients like Rose and Aloe Vera extracts, Soya Oil and Shea Butter, Moisturizing Cream helps regain the skin’s lost moisture thus preventing dryness

Green Health Cannabis Healing Cream – 100ml


This strong topical cream is designed for serious skin ailments such as skin cancer (also used as part of the cancer package), psoriasis, melanoma, herpes, eczema, dermatitis, acne etc. Also suitable for animals as it treats mange, itching and bites.