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Pure Beginnings Berry Toothpaste (75ml)


This toothpaste is designed for children of all ages and is suitable for babies. It has a fantastic raspberry flavour that will help get kids into the routine of brushing their teeth regularly as they won't be put off by strong minty toothpastes designed for adults. It contains xylitol, which has been endorsed by many dental associations worldwide for its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay. It is also fluoride and SLS free

Oh Lief Organic Aqueous Cream (250ml)


Recommended for sensitive, dry, itchy and problematic skin types.

Earthsap Stain Removal Spray – 500ml

The extra cleaning power quickly penetrates, breaks up and eliminates dirty marks, grease and stains that ordinary washing powder cannot get rid of.

Earthsap Automatic Dishwasher Gel – 500ml

A biodegradable and earth friendly solution to dirty dishes. Use 45ml and follow your dishwasher instructions. Contains no phosphates or harmful chemicals.

Lifematrix Goat Milk Powder – 400g

Goat Milk Powder has been growing in popularity, not just for its nutritional benefits, but also because it is usually better tolerated than cow’s milk. The fat molecules in goat milk are much smaller in size than cow milk, and its proteins produce a softer curd, both of which may ease digestion.

Lifematrix Camel Milk Powder – 100g

Described as the “white gold” of the desert and consumed forcenturies by Bedouin tribes and other desert dwellers, camel milk has only recently received serious attention for its nutritional and health-supporting properties. Camel milk is closer to human milk than any other ruminant milk (cow, sheep, goat etc.), but differs from other ruminant milks because it contains low cholesterol and low sugar, but is higher in minerals (sodium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium) as well as Vitamin C. It does not contain Beta-lactoglobulin, the main allergen in cow’s milk.

Earthsap Laundry Liquid Apple & Kiwi – 1lt

A biodegradable and earth friendly solution that is suitable for hand wash or machine, simply add 40ml to your load and there you go ;-)

Earthsap Roll On Deodorant Tea Tree – 50ml

A refreshing, non toxic deodorant that is aluminium free and made with simple, natural ingredients for an all day fresh feel.

Earthsap Run A Dub Foam Bath – 500ml

A lovely orange & vanilla foam bath in fun packaging for the kids (and you!), with a gentle moisturizing effect and a lingering sweet fragrance.

Gogga Insect Repellent – 100ml


Insect repellent is environmently friendly, shake well before use.

Simply Bamboo Toothbrush Kids


100% Biodegradable handle made from sustainably grown bamboo.  Vegan and environmentally friendly.