Fresh Earth Food Store offers free delivery to major centers in most parts of the country on orders of R550 or more.

Certain postal codes are however classified as “outside major centers” so they do not qualify for free shipping.

Hints for qualifying for free shipping if your home address is outside of these areas:

  • Try use your office or work address as the delivery address (shipping address) – this is likely to fall in a major center.
  • Try the address of a friend nearby who falls under a different postal code.
  • If you live on a remote farm or outlying rural area, make arrangements to have your shipment delivered to a shop or community centre in a nearby town that counts as a major centre.


We make use of re-used, recycled and biodegradable packaging materials as much as we can. Where possible we re-use boxes and packing materials that we receive goods in from our suppliers.


Our free delivery option has the lowest carbon footprint. Although we are able to deliver anywhere in the country.

Free delivery is offered only on areas that fall under routes where our courier travels making daily collections and deliveries already. These routes are in areas where the courier has a local office.

The location of each collection or delivery is planned by the courier prior to departure to minimise distance travelled and fuel consumption. The most efficient vehicle possible is used based on the total collections and deliveries that are required in the area.

Long haul handovers are done at national hubs at intervals that allow the most efficient planning for the courier, this is why we charge more faster delivery, and delivery to remote areas.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments:

Email: or phone 0116464404.