Enhance cognitive function and support optimal brain health with Fresh Earth Food Store’s premium selection of brain and memory supplements in South Africa. Our carefully curated range includes potent and natural ingredients known for their cognitive benefits. From brain-boosting vitamins to herbal extracts renowned for memory enhancement, we prioritize quality to ensure you receive the best in cognitive nutrition. Fresh Earth is committed to helping you unlock your mental potential, whether you’re aiming for sharper focus, improved memory, or overall brain vitality. Explore our collection and invest in your cognitive well-being with the finest brain and memory supplements, meticulously sourced to support your mental prowess. Elevate your cognitive performance and embrace mental clarity with Fresh Earth Food Store.

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The Herbalist Lion Mane- 60’s

The Herbalist Lion's Mane is known to assist with :
          •  Boost Memory
             Boost Concentration
             Support Neurogenesis 
             Support Nervous System
             Reduce Stress
             Boost Immunity
             100% Natural & Additive Free
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Genologix Genologix Resveratrol 1000mg – 90’s

Genologix Resveratrol is a polyphenol that is a highly potent anti-oxidant, occurring naturally in low concentrations in foods such as red grapes, cocoa and blueberries. It is renowned for its longevity properties. Trans-Resveratrol promotes the recycling of the all-important, longevity, NAD+ coenzyme. It does this by up-regulating the NMNAT gene, which catalyses the conversion of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) to NAD+. trans-Resveratrol also selectively up-regulates the Sirtuin family of genes, commonly referred to as the "longevity genes" mimicking some benefits of caloric restriction and increasing longevity.
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Genologix Panax Ginseng 1000mg – 90’s

Genologix Panax Ginseng, also known as Korean or Asian Ginseng, is a natural root powder rich in useful nutrients that support physical energy and overall wellbeing. Panax Ginseng is a superb immune-booster which also helps to boost physical energy and mental acuity. Ginseng can alleviate stress and focus the mind. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and is a strong anti-oxidant. Panax Ginseng has also been known to aid in reversing erectile dysfunction and improve libido. We provide an 80% ginsenoside concentrated dose of this supplement.
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Genologix L-Glutamine 1500mg – 120’s

L-Glutamine is a real gem, with fantastic fitness applications as well as great nootropic benefits, a real two-in-one. L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid, serving as a protein building-block in our bodies, amongst many other critically important uses. L-Glutamine can raise human growth hormone (HGH) levels, lead to muscle gain, improved energy levels and an increase in resting metabolic rate. There is also evidence that it assists with reducing fatigue in-workout, and improving muscle recovery time after a workout. Long workouts have been shown to dramatically reduce levels in the body, making this a very useful post-exercise supplement. Our immune systems rely heavily on L-Glutamine as a critical fuel source for our immune cells. These include our intestinal cells, which use it during their normal growth and maintenance cycle. Our intestinal cells play a core role in our overall immune health. As a nootropic, Glutamine is the main precursor to the excitatory neurotransmitters glutamate and aspartate, and the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. Optimal glutamate and GABA levels positively affect alertness, focus, mood and memory. When you balance L-Glutamine levels in your brain, you feel calm and have a reduction in cravings for sugar and alcohol.
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Genologix NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) 600mg – 120’s

NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) is an extremely effective antioxidant booster, with numerous other health benefits. NAC boosts Glutathione levels in your body. Glutathione is the most prevalent antioxidant in your body and it plays a critical role in reducing oxidative stress. By increasing levels of Glutathione and combating oxidative stress, NAC may be able to protect cells and organs throughout the body, that are under constant oxidative attack. The other impressive benefits of NAC include reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, cardiovascular health improvements, increased exercise performance and improved blood sugar control.
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Genologix MindMag (Magnesium L-Threonate) 1500mg – 120’s

This chelated Magnesium is bound to L-Threonate, which is a Vitamin C metabolite. In this form it is highly bioavailable and most importantly, able to penetrate the blood brain barrier, making it a great way to deliver Magnesium for nootropic gains. The brain's need for Magnesium is very high. Magnesium threonate is magnesium bonded to a metabolite from Vitamin C called threonic acid. Threonic acid is able to cross the blood brain barrier, thus magnesium threonate is the only form of magnesium that can pass through to the brain. As a BDNF promoter, it improves neuroplasticity and also has neuroprotective qualities. It supports improved sleep and relaxation through the increased release of the calming neurotransmitter, GABA. Attention and memory have been shown to be boosted, and overall cognitive ability may be improved through the use of Magnesium Threonate.
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Genologix L-Theanine 300mg – 60’s

Genologix L-Theanine is an amino acid that is naturally found in green tea. It is the primary ingredient that contributes to the unusual taste of green tea. It is known to promote relaxation without the drowsiness associated with other calming agents. L-Theanine supports the generation of alpha waves, associated with periods of creativity and intense mental focus. Due to L-Theanine’s calming effect, it can help you concentrate better, improve mood and have you maintain focus on your goals for the day, be they related to productivity or relaxation. Sleep quality, recovery from exhaustion, and refreshed feelings are also enhanced.
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Genologix Lions Mane 1000mg – 90’s

Lions Mane (also known as Yamabushitake) is a dietary mushroom supplement that offers fantastic nootropic benefits. This natural supplement supports the production of BDNF and NGF which promotes neurogenesis in the brain, leading to improved cognitive ability and reduced cognitive decline, especially as we age. Mood improvement and immune system support are added benefits of this powerful mushroom. This Genologix product is standardised to 50% bioactive mushroom polysaccharides, which act as highly effective anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.
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Genologix L-Glutathione 500mg – 60’s

Genologix L-Glutathione is the most abundant anti-oxidant in our bodies. When glutathione levels are healthy, you can not only prevent health problems, but experience boosted energy levels, bright and radiant skin, a strong heart, and a sharp mind. Glutathione is often called the “Master Anti-oxidant” and for very good reason. L-Glutathione is also a very power skin brightening compound that reduces melanogenesis, the process of melanin product. Less melanin is produced which lightens your appearance and reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone. Glutathione protects your mitochondria, ensuring your cells are able to make the energy your body needs. It also makes sure that heavy metals, organic toxins, and free radicals generated during normal metabolism don’t damage your mitochondria.
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Genologix Ginkgo Biloba 500mg – 120’s

Genologix Ginkgo Biloba is an antioxidant-rich botanical, used to improve cognitive health and to treat a wide variety of general conditions. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on earth and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties Ginkgo Biloba contains abundant flavonoids and terpenoids; these are powerful anti-oxidant compounds which have been show to protect against ageing-related conditions by neutralising free radical damage. Ginkgo Biloba can also increase blood flow by promoting the dilation of blood vessels, which can have excellent benefits on our cognitive health and overall mental wellbeing. Many conditions related to poor circulation are aided by the blood-boosting characteristic of this herb. Due to its impact on blood flow, Gingko Biloba may also support an improvement in the symptoms of sexual dysfunction / erectile dysfunction.
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Genologix GABA 1000mg – 90’s

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a naturally occurring amino acid produced by the brain and also found in some foods. Its key role is inside our brains, where it acts as a natural relaxant, helping us maintain a state of calm. A state of calm focus is what our minds need whenever we push our cognitive limits. GABA acts as the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter that prevents neurons from over-firing. Its primary role is to maintain a balance to prevent glutamate, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter, from overwhelming you. When you experience stress, your adrenal glands releases hormones which are structured to produce a fight or flight response such as sweating, increased heart rate and tension. GABA specifically counteracts this stimulating effect and relaxes the brain. Low levels of this neurotransmitter result in difficulty relaxing, and prolonged low levels can lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia and certain mood disorders. GABA helps to reduce overactivity in the nervous system, promoting calm and relaxation as well as aiding in sleep quality. Furthermore, it has been shown to assist in reducing inflammation as well as stabilising blood pressure in individuals suffering from hypertension
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Genologix Folate 500mcg – 90’s

Folate (5-Methyltetrahydrofolic acid) 500 mcg (90 servings x 90 capsules) Folate is an essential B-vitamin needed by our body for the production of new and healthy cells. It helps the body to metabolise proteins, form red blood cells and plays a key role preventing the harmful effects of homocysteine by assisting in its break down. Most supplements contain folic acid which gets converted into 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (folate) so that it can be used in our body. Research shows that many people lack sufficient activity of the enzyme that’s necessary to do this. 5-MTHF enables the conversion of homocysteine to methionine, the production of serotonin and melatonin, and it is indirectly involved in the synthesis of DNA. Our formula provides you with highly bioavailable 5-MTHF. This superior folate alternative is readily available to your body and does not need to undergo initial conversion.
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Genologix CoQ10 – 150mg

Genologix CoQ-10 (Coenzyme Q-10 or Ubiquinone) is an extremely powerful anti-oxidant that is found in every living creature on earth. It’s also essential for maintaining optimal energy production in our cells. Most people don’t get enough CoQ-10, owing to poor diet. CoQ-10 levels begin to decline naturally after age 40; our highly bioavailable CoQ-10 will restore your body’s CoQ-10 to ideal levels. CoQ-10 performs two vital functions: It is a coenzyme that helps energise cells and an antioxidant that helps protect cells. CoQ-10’s energising antioxidant properties may enhance vitality across many body systems. Our hearts require enormous amounts of energy, as such the highest concentration of CoQ-10 is found in heart muscle tissue. CoQ-10 is known to support the heart through mitochondrial bioenergetics, the process of cellular energy conversion. Several studies have highlighted the efficiency of oral CoQ-10 in improving functional capacity, endothelial function, and myocardial ventricular contractility in individuals with heart problems.
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Genologix Biotin 500mg – 120’s

Genologix Biotin is an essential B vitamin that aids the body in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for energy production. Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin essential for the growth and development of all organisms. It is a coenzyme which is involved in the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids, and carbohydrates and has been shown to be important for many health factors including boosting energy levels, supporting overall mental wellbeing and also helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system. It is important to maintain adequate Biotin levels, as low levels can slow down the metabolism, which can lead to fatigue, digestive issues, and weight gain. Biotin boosts energy levels, supports overall mental wellbeing, and plays a role in maintaining healthy hair, skin, nails and nervous system. Each 500mcg capsule provides a maximum strength dose, giving you 90 servings of great health.
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Genologix BodyMag (Magnesium Glycinate & Taurate) 1500mg – 120’s

Genologix BodyMag is a combination of two powerful Magnesium chelates, Magnesium Bisglycinate and Magnesium Taurate. In this form, the bonded Magnesium improves absorption and stability. Magnesium Glycinate is the best absorbed form of Magnesium and least likely to cause stomach upsets. It helps our bodies to function properly, especially when it comes to making sure we have enough energy and our bones are healthy. Magnesium Taurate helps support healthy blood pressure by decreasing the resistance to blood flow in blood vessel walls. It also promotes healthy blood sugar levels.
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Genologix Ashwaganda 500mg – 30’s

Genologix Ashwaganda is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing that assists in reducing anxiety, depression and lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Ashwagandha is a heavyweight nootropic, it regenerates neurons, reconstructs synapses and lifts acetylcholine levels, boosting memory learning and cognition. Ashwagandha is further revered for its ability to boost mental and physical vitality as well for its aphrodisiac / sexual enhancing qualities. Ashwaganda is truly an amazing all-rounder.
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Bioteen Teen Health Whey Protein-500g

Bioteen Teen Health Whey Protein-500g provides you with a powerful blend of scientifically proven ingredients, Whey Protein contains theses special dietary supplements :
  • Minerals
  • Ferrochel (Oxygen support)
  • Prebiotic (Gut health)
  • TVP (Stress support)
  • Whey Protein (muscle repair)
Mix 1 level scoop of powder in 350ml of cool water. Drink 1 serving before a cognitively demanding situation.
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Bioteen Teen Health Learnergy-1000g

Bioteen Teen Health Learnergy-1000g provides you with a powerful blend of scientifically proven ingredients, Learnergy contains theses special dietary supplements :
  • Palatinose
  • L-Theanine
  • Alpha- GPC
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Betaine
  • Alcar (Antioxidant)
  • TVP (Anti fatique)
  • Maltodectrin (rapid energy)
  • Myo- Inositol (mood support)
Mix 1 level scoop of powder in 350ml of cool water. Drink 1 serving before a cognitively demanding situation.
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Biolife Vitamin B Complex – 60’s

This Vitamin B Complex formula contains a high-potency combination of B vitamins, that gives a balanced boost of energy and may improve cognitive and immune system functions.
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Bioteen Teen Health Relaxify -300g

Bioteen Teen Health Relaxify contains a unique blend of natural ingredients such as GABA, L-Theanine, Myo-Inositol, B-Vitamins, and Magnesium. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, and suitable for vegetarians. Key Benefits: - Mood support -Promotes relaxation without drowsiness -Stress support -Neuroprotection
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