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Tractor Washing Powder Bio – 2.5kg

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Tractor Green Soap Bio – 5L

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Tractor Epsom Salt – 1kg

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Earthsap Automatic Dishwasher Gel – 500ml

A biodegradable and earth friendly solution to dirty dishes. Use 45ml and follow your dishwasher instructions. Contains no phosphates or harmful chemicals.
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Tractor Dish Wash Liquid – 500ml


A 100% biodegradable dish wash liquid. Giving Mother Earth a well deserved break

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Earth Sap Cleaner Degreaser (500ml)


This is a heavy duty solvent and general cleaner with a great dirt and grease cutting formula. Cleans using only natural extracts while harnessing the full power of nature. Perfect for cleaning the oven or braai knowing without getting toxic chemicals near your food.

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Earth Sap Fruit Veggie Wash (500ml)


Naturally pure ingredients that are safe for you and environmentally friendly.
non toxic and biodegradable.

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Earth Sap Dishwashing Liquid (750ml)


This is a strong dishwashing formula that lasts a long time and gets your dishes sparkling clean. It cleans and degreases efficiently and it only uses natural ingredients that do not pose any health risks and are safe for the planet. It is also very kind to your hands and to sensitive skin thanks to its plant based ingredients. It will also leave no harmful residues on your dishes.

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