Revitalize your hormonal and sexual health naturally with Fresh Earth Food Store’s premium selection of supplements in South Africa. Our carefully curated range is designed to support hormonal balance and enhance sexual well-being, offering a natural approach to vitality. From adaptogenic herbs known for hormone regulation to potent aphrodisiacs, our supplements prioritize quality and purity. Fresh Earth is committed to providing South Africa with a diverse selection of natural solutions to support hormonal health and boost sexual vitality. Explore our collection to discover the transformative power of nature in promoting hormonal balance, supporting libido, and enhancing overall sexual wellness. Elevate your intimate health journey with Fresh Earth, your trusted source for premium natural hormonal and sexual health supplements.

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Rejuvenesse Feminesse Menosure -30’s

Rejuvenesse Feminesse Menosure has 3 scientific ingredients known to aid in women's health support :
  • Soy Isoflavones: Soy contains many types of isoflavones. Isoflavones are a class of phytoestrogens, which are similar to the hormone oestrogen. Isoflavones may reduce or activate the activity of oestrogen in the human body. During menopause the body’s natural level of oestrogen drops, isoflavones can compensate for this by binding to the same receptor, thereby easing menopause symptoms as a result.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid is an essential vitamin. It is needed to make the building blocks of cells known as DNA and RNA, and metabolise amino acids, which are required for the cell division. Folic acid is needed to make red blood cells and prevent anaemia.
  • Policosanol: Policosanol is the generic term for a mixture of long chain alcohols extracted from natural sources. It is used for conditions that affect the health of the heart and blood vessels.
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Genologix Panax Ginseng 1000mg – 90’s

Genologix Panax Ginseng, also known as Korean or Asian Ginseng, is a natural root powder rich in useful nutrients that support physical energy and overall wellbeing. Panax Ginseng is a superb immune-booster which also helps to boost physical energy and mental acuity. Ginseng can alleviate stress and focus the mind. It has anti-inflammatory benefits and is a strong anti-oxidant. Panax Ginseng has also been known to aid in reversing erectile dysfunction and improve libido. We provide an 80% ginsenoside concentrated dose of this supplement.
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Genologix He | Him 2100mg – 120’s

Genologix HE | HIM is a powerful male libido booster, formulated with highly effective amino acids and herbal extracts. Genologix HE | HIM contains a FULLL MONTHS SUPPLY of a blend of five incredibly effective libido-enhancing ingredients which provides you with a boost in the bedroom. The combination of Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis assists with increasing testosterone levels whilst L-Arginine and Horny Goat Weed supports increased blood flow and sexual stimulation. The addition of Panax Ginseng helps to alleviate stress and lifts your libido. HE|HIM is the answer to a more natural improvement in overall male sexual health.
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Genologix Ginkgo Biloba 500mg – 120’s

Genologix Ginkgo Biloba is an antioxidant-rich botanical, used to improve cognitive health and to treat a wide variety of general conditions. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest species of trees on earth and has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties Ginkgo Biloba contains abundant flavonoids and terpenoids; these are powerful anti-oxidant compounds which have been show to protect against ageing-related conditions by neutralising free radical damage. Ginkgo Biloba can also increase blood flow by promoting the dilation of blood vessels, which can have excellent benefits on our cognitive health and overall mental wellbeing. Many conditions related to poor circulation are aided by the blood-boosting characteristic of this herb. Due to its impact on blood flow, Gingko Biloba may also support an improvement in the symptoms of sexual dysfunction / erectile dysfunction.
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Vitamin Me PMS Support+Hormone Balance -30’s


Vitamin Me PMS Support+Hormone Balance formula combines Vitex agnus-castus tree, Hypericum perforatum and Angelica Sinensis that:

  • Relieves PMS symptoms
  • Reduces menstrual cycle irregularity
  • Promotes healthy hormone balance
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Vitamin Me Libido+Drive -30’s

Vitamin Me Libido+Drive  helps with  :
  • Supplement for improving libido, increasing circulation & sensation
  • Made with Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Panax Ginseng & Tribulus Terrestris
  • Helps to heighten libido & promote healthy sex drive
  • Increase blood flow & enhances circulation
  • May help to improve quality of intimacy
  • May assist with infertility & sexual fatigue
  • Can improve sexual function & arousal
  • Aids energy & stamina
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians
  •                                Take 1 - 2 capsules after food.
  •                                Please always consult your healthcare practitioner before starting a new supplement.
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The Herbalist Horny Goat Weed- 60’s

The Herbalist Horny Goat Weed is known to:
  • Enhance Sexual Function
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Increase Energy 
    Increase Stamina
    Postmenopausal Symptoms
    Osteoporosis &Bone Density
    100% Natural & Additive Free
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The Herbalist Tongkat Ali Caps- 60’s

The Herbalist Tongkat Ali Caps- is known to:
Increase Testosterone in Men
Restore Hormone Balance in Women
Increase Muscle 
Increase Fat Loss
Improve Sports Performance & Endurance
60 x 500mg Capsules
100% Natural & Additive Free
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Phyto Force Male Tonic -50ml

This is a herbal tincture contains the herbs Puncture Vine (Tribulis Terrestias), Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Ginkgo and Pulsatilla.
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