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Güdsheet 2 Ply Biodegradable Toilet Paper – 1 Roll

Biodegradable toilet paper made from sugarcane – seriously? Yes! Güdsheet is here to help prevent the planet from getting wiped-out. It’s time to start giving a sheet about toilet paper, no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘butts’ Good to know: + Güdsheet toilet paper is made from 60% sugarcane fibre and 40% FSC approved wood pulp + BPA free. Contains no chlorine, acids, inks, dyes or strange scents + Bleached using an elemental chlorine free (ECF) process + 100% biodegradable - sewer & septic tank safe + Wrapped in eco-friendly paper to promote hygiene and prevent cross contamination + Packed in FSC approved paper boxes to replace plastic + Sealed with strip of solvent free, tamper proof tape for your protection + Proudly made in South Africa with love + Every Güdsheet purchase helps provide toilets to schools in need

SoPure Bathroom Cleaner Mint Fresh – 500ml

SoPure Bathroom Cleaner eliminates odours and disinfects bathroom surfaces leaving your bathroom clean and peppermint fresh without using harmful chemicals or additives. SoPure's innovative grime busting anti-bacterial bathroom cleaner is a peppermint essence formula of essential oils containing active grease cutting technology and a natural odour neutraliser and eliminator. 100% non-toxic and whole-earth friendly. Gentle on surfaces. Kind to everyone and the planet. Biodegradable. Not tested on animals. Free of nasties and full of good nature for happy homes, happy people and a happy planet.

Better Earth Toilet Tamer – 100ml


The Toilet Tamer is perfect for eliminating odours at the source, by keeping bad odours in the bowl.

Earth Sap Toilet Cleaner (750ml)


Leaves a fresh peppermint aroma, and is free of toxic fumes and vapours.

Better Earth Cleaning Spray(500ml)


This fragrant cleaning spray will leave surfaces fresh and clean. Can be used on kitchen counters, nursery room, walls, stove tops and glass surfaces.

Better Earth Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner (1lt)


VEGAN. This gel will leave your bathroom and toilet spotlessly clean. Use on your sinks, bath, toilet and shower.