Our Tractor, the big beautiful red machine we so lovingly named Arthur has been a part of Fresh Earth Food Store on Komatie for over a decade.

Arthur has been loved and adored by our visitors who have taken pictures and allowed their kids to play farmer on the tractor while they enjoy some off time.

Recently unfortunately, disgruntled neighbors has brought the stationary vehichle to the attention of Metro, who now requires us to get rid of Arthur.

This would break our hearts and destroy a much loved landmark of Emmarentia.

Arthur represents the Earth and the purity of food, removing him will be devastating to our Fresh Earth family.

There are many parking bays next to the tractor and in no way blocks any entrance as it is directly in front of our store.

Please sign our petition so we can encourage the relevant parties to allow our tractor to stay with us. It will mean the Earth to us.