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Badia Oregano – 21.3g


Badia Oregano is the dried leaves of Lippia Graveolens. The oval shaped leaves have an aromatic aroma and a slightly bitter flavor. Oregano is used Italian food seasoning such as pizza, meatballs, and tomato-based sauces as well as being a primary component of many herbal blends.

Badia Mustard Powder – 56.7g


Badia Mustard Powder is essential to many salad dressing/mayonnaise seasonings for texture and flavor improvements. Mustard based seasoning such as honey-mustard is also used in everything from snack foods to cooking sauces.

Badia Onion Powder – 49.6g

Badia Onion Powder is one of the most important culinary ingredients in every kitchen. Its characteristic strong flavor when raw makes it a great addition to salads. Its sweet flavor when cooked is a key element for meats, poultry, seafood and all kinds of side dish.

Badia Italian Seasoning – 21.3g


This little jar of Badia Italian Seasoning is comprised of balanced and carefully selected herbs and spices that are blended to perfection. Your meats, poultry, fish, pasta and especially tomato based preparations will have the aroma and flavor of the Mediterranean.

Badia Cinnamon Sticks – 21.3g


Badia Cinnamon Sticks is one of the oldest spices known, cinnamon has a fragrant aroma and wonderful flavor. It is used mainly for desserts, fruit preparations and beverages, but can also be used in meat, stews, rice and vegetables.

Badia Cinnamon Powder – 56.7g


Badia Cinnamon Powder is the dried bark of trees belonging cultivated varieties of cinnamon burmanni Nees Blume. Once ground, the reddish-brown spice produces a sweet, pungent, woody flavor and aroma.

Badia Celery Seeds – 56.7g


Badia Celery seeds can be used in salads, dressings, coleslaw, pickling, soups and meat rubs to add a celery flavoring without the watery crunch. These seeds also pair well with tomato and vegetable juices.

Badia Cayenne Pepper – 49.6g


Badia Cayenne Pepper is an intense ground hot chili that will add a touch of spice to your favorite dishes, commonly used in Mexican food as well as Szechuan, Indian and Cajun dishes.

Badia Cumin – 56.7g


Badia Cumin Ground is the dried ground fruit of: (Cuminum Cyminum, L) and used in the cuisines of many different cultures in both whole and ground form.

Badia Chili Powder – 56.7g


Badia Chili Powder is an original mix, ideal for the typical cuisine of the Mexican border region. Perfect for “Chili con carne” or seasoning eggs, fish, gravies, and stews. Also recommended for mixing with ground beef or hamburgers.

Badia Ground Black Pepper – 56.7g


Badia Ground Black Pepper is the dried, unripe fruit of piper nigrum l. Black pepper is generally ground in India, Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. The round, wrinkle, brownish-black berries have a penetrating, aromatic aroma and pungent, hot, biting flavor.

Badia Ground Cardamom – 70.8g


Badia ground cardamom seed, native of India and Sri Lanka, is considered by many as “The Queen of Spices”. Cardamom is versatile because it pairs well with different flavors. It is commonly used in pastries, fruit based dishes, cake, curries, rice and milk custards.

Badia Black Sesame Seed – 70.9g


Badia Black Sesame seed is the seed of Sesamum Indicum. They are are high in protein, and are considered more flavorful than traditional white sesame. Used on fish, salads, breads, and sauces. It is a prominent ingredient in Asian dishes as well.

Badia Crushed Red Pepper – 35.5g


Badia Crushed Red Pepper is comprised of hot chili flakes that will add a touch of spice to your favorite dishes, commonly sprinkled over pizza, Mexican food, Szechuan, Indian and Cajun.

Badia Rosemary Leaves – 28.4g


Badia Rosemary, obtained from the leaves of a small Mediterranean tree, is widely used in recipes from that part of the world, especially strews and lamb dishes. It has bittersweet flavor and a delicious aroma.

Badia Paprika – 56.7g

Badia paprika, the pepper, not only adds delicious flavor to your meals, it also gives them a touch of appetizing color. An indispensable ingredient when making sausages and preparing Spanish dishes, poultry and goulash.

Badia Ground Turmeric – 56.7g


Badia ground turmeric is commonly used in South Asian and Middle Eastern foods, this brightly spice packs a punch of color. A little goes a long way to add excitement to poultry, meats, seafood, vegetables and rice. It is an essential ingredient to curries and mustards.

Badia Thyme Leaves – 21.3g


Badia Thyme leaves are the dried leaves and flowering tops of Thymus Vulgaris and a common ingredient in various herb blends for meats, soups, prepared stuffing and croutons.

Badia Garlic Powder – 85.04g


Badia garlic powder is prepared from fresh garlic; Allium sativum is sliced, dehydrated, milled and sifted to achieve the desired sieve size. It is often used in combination with onion and blends will with others spices.

Badia Bay Leaves – 4.25g


Badia Bay leaves, originally from Asia, is one of the most popular ingredients in any kitchen and is indispensable in the famous “Bouquet Garni”. It is a noble ingredient ideal for adding flavor to almost anything from meats and poultry to some desserts.