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Eat to maintain the beat

eat for heart health

Eat to maintain the beat

Heart health links directly to what we consume – among other topics we will discuss this month.
Let’s talk heart function, we know it’s an important part of the body, but what is it responsible for?
The heart is a muscle that works hard – all the time with no down-time, so it’s only natural for us to provide it with a little bit more support, because we don’t want it to feel bombarded with a pile of paperwork to get done in not enough time. We want to keep the workload manageable to ensure the job is thoroughly done.

There are 4 main functions that your heart fulfils:

• Your heart’s main function is to pump oxygenated blood through to the rest of your body.
• It also pumps hormones to different parts of the body.
• And receives deoxygenated blood and carries metabolic waste products from the body to the lungs for oxygenation.
• Then finally, the heart maintains your blood pressure.

That seems like a massive load of work for one small muscle. So, what happens to the workload when you consume foods that cardiologists consider damaging to your heart health?
Ultra-processed foods on average are higher in sodium, sugar, calories, and saturated fats. These kinds of foods can contribute to high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels, which means the heart is now working overtime – without pay… and that can lead to one unhappy heart.

We’re more focused on the support – what can we do to make life a lil easier and maintain the beat of our heart? Here’s a few steps we can take right now to lighten the load:

• Swop the snacks for fresh fruit, nuts, seed crackers and veg to fill up on fiber and feel-good food, instead of crisps and sweets.
• Dessert time? Try something fruity like a mango sorbet, made with fresh mangoes and
no added sugar. Or freeze some fruit and Greek yoghurt for a spin on an ice lolly.
• Drop the energy drink and opt for some gingko biloba or ginseng tinctures.
• If you’re craving a night out for dinner, go for it but keep it limited.
• Processed meat? Give it a break and try something new, these days even the plant-based meat alternatives are a great option to add to a classic brekkie.
• Switch to Olive oil for an unsaturated fat option.
• Cut back on the salt and opt for Himalayan salt which has a lower sodium profile.

We don’t believe that any food is bad for you and will cause you harm, we believe that you are in control in deciding what, and how much thereof, you want to put into your body. The ball is in your hands and no food item can take that power away from you.

Have a Happy, Healthy Heart.

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