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Why Is Gluten Free Making Me Feel Sick?

why is gluten free manking me feel sick

Firstly, a reminder on gluten:

It’s a protein naturally found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye.

The main function it holds is that it acts like a binder, holding food together and adding a stretchiness to it. Without gluten, the dough would rip and most likely crumble when baked.

Gluten may act as a prebiotic, feeding the “good” bacteria in our gut. However – Changes in the amount thereof can lead to gluten intolerant symptoms. (Too much consumption of gluten).

Some people, however, react differently to gluten, where the body senses it as a toxin, causing their immune cells to overreact and attack it. This results in inflammation which then leads to the uncomfortable symptoms related to gluten intolerance.

Sometimes when we go cold turkey gluten free, we end up feeling worse for a while… what a joke, eating better but feeling worse? Well, don’t give up – Here’s why.

It’s the storm before the calm.

If you think about any addiction, what happens when you stop? You start feeling ill, experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

By removing gluten, a staple in majority diets, you create a significant change in intestinal flora which not only affects gut health, but an array of other areas of the body.

Your body is so used to having gluten, it gets confused, like “Where’s the gluten at? I’m used to gluten; I know what to do with it!” Now it ends up not knowing what to do with itself…

It can be so disheartening making such a lifestyle change only to feel worse. Rest assured, most people start feeling tremendously better straight away, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

We recommend slowly weaning yourself off gluten instead. Start by switching out breakfast for gluten free, then make your way to lunch, dinner and snacks.

It’s a journey, explore, listen, enjoy!

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