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Adventure Your Health – Biohacking

Adventure Your Health – Biohacking

We are in many ways the same you and I, were both intelligent, funny and good looking 😉 but when it comes to our bodies and our response to food, medicine, supplements and body care there could be a vast and seemingly complicated difference.

The ability to know your body is a talent that few of us actually explore. Finding the right tools that enables us to navigate through this journey called life to the best of our abilities. Trying new tricks of the health trade and experiencing the effects for yourself.

Ladies and gents, I give you Bio-Hacking. Bio-Hacking is essentially human optimisation and self-improvement. Hacking your health, wellness and recovery in a biological manner – think of computer hacker (that’s you) hacking into a specific program (your body) program using the correct coding (that’s the diet, supplementation and science) to access the desired program (optimal wellness).

What is Biohacking?

Bio-Hacking can be as simple as trying a supplement or food type that you are interested in – or removing a certain type of food from your diet. You can also get a bit more technical, looking at your ancestry diets or looking at your blood type – The hunter gatherer diet for instance may mean that you thrive on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. A perfect example is the Banting diet on which some thrive, and others find it has no effect on them.
We refer to 3 types of Bio-Hacking:

Nutrigenomics is the technical part where the relationship between your environment, diet and genetic variability is investigated to reveal a number of health-related issues to present you with better insight as to what better fuels your body. This method investigates the influence of our genetic variability on our ability to interact with bioactive molecules in the molecular environment. Our genetic variability affects the way in which we absorb, metabolize, transport and respond to various nutrients or bioactive molecules. Essentially, nutrigenetics investigates how we respond based on our genetic variability or “gene-environment interactions”. Finding the correct data here is done through a DNA Nutrigenomics test.

2.DIY Biology:
DIY (this is our favorite) Biology, refers to the practice of self-experimentation to enhance and optimize performance, aging and health. Who better knows your body than you?

Grinder Biohacking is similar to DIY Biology except for the core difference being the use of technological implants and chemical system modifications. Often considered the most controversial and risky of the categories. We still prefer DIY as this gives you the opportunity to experiment and discover at a low risk.

Bottom line is whether you get technical or not, trial, error and consciousness is key. Take your health on an adventure by keeping an open mind to allow for new discovery. Try fasting, have a cold shower, introduce a nature routine, add some collagen to your morning routine – the possibilities are endless.

On a closing note, keeping a bod journal can be useful. You can jot down emotional and physical sensations that you experience when you make these changes and then look back to pick up on trends. It may be a headache, more energy, better sleep, more calmness or more stress – whatever the case the bod journal helps you gain the knowledge to make the decisions you need to in order to have your physical and mental tools functioning optimally.

Bio-Hacking is essentially, trying different foods, supplements and changes in your environment – feeling and listening to the effects they have on your body and then making a decision based on that knowledge. What works for me will not necessarily work for you, it is all about you.

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