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Red Robyn Essentials Part 6 – Self Love

Red Robyn Essentials – Robyn talks about her personal experiences with DoTerra essential oils, what self love methods she uses and how it improved her life.

I’ve stopped counting the number of Valentines Days I’ve been single.

Just as tinsel is packed away, then heart-shaped chocolate boxes are finding themselves on the front of shop displays. And I’m searching my iTunes for classics like “All By Myself” (yeah Bridget Jones! After all, she did end up with Mr Darcy, so I’m keeping the faith!).

The upside is that I’ve become somewhat of an expert at romancing myself. And as to mending broken hearts!?…. Well educating myself with the power of the purest grade essential oils has become a worthwhile investment. They soon eased their way into my daily rituals in order to facilitate and guide my many shapes of emotions.

I respect people in the counseling world – it’s tough to witness people in pain and help them through it and I don’t think I could do this. Yet, I do love to serve and help people, so if I can serve in any way by providing tools to alleviate emotional or physical suffering, it gladdens my heart. Knowing what I have experienced and learnt on my emotional healing journeys, I believe that essential oils should accompany every person needing psychological support.
Lavender for example is a keystone to our emotional processing remedies. It not only soothes our skin from burns and abrasions, it also has a soothing effect on the pain of heartbreak.

Over the years, I’ve found that no matter where we are in relationship with someone else, the most important relationship is that which we cultivate with ourselves. When we make ourselves the king or the queen of our lives, it has a positive knock-on effect for those around us. And I’m not talking about this as an ego thing; it’s about self-respect. When I am struggling with my self-love, I turn to the king of oils: Frankincense. I believe that if we are well, we treat others, animals and the environment well.

While I came to essential oils to up level and diffuse plant energy into our home and workspaces, I found that they could also be used in every part of my life. Like yoga, for example – initially I considered it a way to create a strong body through the practice. Yet the knock-on benefit to my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing soon became evident. And so I have found that it works the same with essential oils. First, we are treating a physical ailment; and the next thing; we notice something has subtly shifted in our mental perception or our emotional harmony.

As part of my self-love, I consciously select oils to sleep with that play a role in cultivating emotional wholeness, which for me has been a life challenge. Just recently on full moon, I was aware of the heightened intensity that her waxing was bringing, so I chose a sublime blend of Lavender (Oil of communication & calm), Frankincense (Oil of Truth), and Cedarwood (Oil of community). The result was positively tranquilizing!

I have realized that dōTERRA essential oils don’t rob us of learning our lesson; rather they bring clarity and purity of essence to our process. They allow us to feel supported. And for that I am so grateful. Pass me the oils please!

Essentially Yours,
Red Robyn

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