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Red Robyn Essentials Part 7 – Back To Nature

Red Robyn Blog 7

Red Robyn Essentials – Robyn talks about her personal experiences with dōTERRA essential oils, what self love methods she uses and how it improved her life.

There was guidance inside of me that directed me to pull back from my interior design career and to redirect my energy into sharing awareness about the power found through certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. What was at the core of my decision?

I believe in a two-angle approach to wellness. What we put into our body and what we put our body into. For many years, I have been practicing what we put our bodies into – creating environments that are in harmony with the people who inhabit them. I’ve wanted to become better at creating spaces that are non- toxic. This has been a journey of constantly confronting change.

I’ve looked and felt into the truth of our inherent connection to nature, the elements, and how at the source of our wellness is the ecosystems we co-create. Built or natural. Our bodies know oh so well the remedy of walking in nature-filled environments. How good that makes us feel! And I am inspired: how can we make our every day lives feel that way, so that we have a constant connection to ourselves through the spaces we inhabit. I looked to a philosophy called Biophilia.

Biophilia is a practice that merges the built environment with the natural world, so that we thrive. And through this ideology, I started looking for tools. In my search, I came across uncompromising high-end essential oils in the form of dōTERRA. This, I quickly realised, is a way that humans can bring nature intelligence into their homes, lives and workspaces.

I learnt how diffusing pure plant oil into our air is powerful. That there is a price to our health if we do not use the purest, unadulterated form. I keep researching the biology and the science behind what makes these plant essentials so effective. The information is endless. Whatever we inhale feeds information directly to the limbic part of our brain. This is the part that regulates our center of fight or flight. This in turn regulates our hormones and so how our body operates.

Knowing that we are essentially nature, part of a carbon system – we are carbon and so are plants – with so much fear, toxicity and pressure in our current system, how could it look if we were to choose to work closer to nature’s infinite and abundant wisdom? I believe that we are part of an evolving intelligence that surpasses all artificial chemicals formulated in labs.

Based on all of this, I chose to become a part of a movement. A revolution. To return to nature. And in partnering with dōTERRA, I get to partner with a radically forward-thinking system that aligns with my personal values of self-empowerment and creating relationships of integrity. Values that are reflected in the creation and use of the purest essential oils, gifted to us from mother earth. No corners cut in this pursuit.

And so when I do re-ignite the designer side of my life, I know it will be from a place of a deep embodiment of these values. The oils work on a cellular level, as they can pass through cell membranes to detox my body. I am able to ingest dōTERRA as I am guaranteed purity and they are safe. (check out sourcetoyou.com as every bottle of oil is transparent in its 52 lab results published, where the plant is sourced and who are the independent farmers that we support globally – mostly in developing nations.) The energy frequency of these oils as I include them in my daily wellness rituals permeates into my mind, my emotions and my spiritual journey; giving me clarity and supporting me when I am called to identify and lay down boundaries. With committed and constant use of this ‘plant medicine’ – minus the psychedelics – I am able to align with myself so that I am able to show up in this world to best serve.

The reason I share these oils, is because of the wisdom of this understanding: that, if people are well, we treat each other well, we treat animals well, we treat the environment well. If you are curious, send me a text. The best time to plant a tree is now. And we would love to have you with us, as we are the change we wish to see on this earth.

Essentially Yours,
Red Robyn

084 511 1886

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