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Redefining Health

Redefining Health

Redefining Health

Now that we’re all on the self-love train, we think it’s time to talk about health.

For ages the image of health has been largely based on fitness and body image – Are you in top shape, can you run a marathon, are you picture ready all the time, did you drink your vitamins and eat your veggies?

Oxford defines health as – “the state of being free from illness or injury”.
We believe that there’s a great difference in the perception of health from person to person.

For us it’s about how you feel.
Would you feel great if you are ill, or putting body-shame guilt thoughts onto yourself? Would you feel great if you’re constantly experiencing gut issues because of your diet or if you lack nutrition or haven’t moved your body to express yourself?

We’re about following what we feel, so what has worked for us is going inward – What do I need to do to feel better about a certain situation or sensation I am feeling.

Health is not just a pill we take every morning and an exercise routine or strict diet. It’s about balance and hacking your way to find what works for you.

To us balance looks like this –
• Food as close to nature as possible without becoming neurotic – with the exception of that occasional GUILT FREE brownie, burger, doughnut.
• Moving our bodies by setting aside time for yourself and expressing through movement – taking the time to focus on body movement, be it gym training, running, sports, yoga or dancing in the kitchen.
• Taking the time to go inward – A mind that is clear and open to receiving new ideas, circumstances, and experiences. Meditation works for us, but you may prefer a more verbal discussion with a friend or partner to help work through the little things and prevent build up.
• Balancing work – Often our little lists are responded to with “Well, who has the time for that”. Time management can be very helpful. From 8-10 I will do X, from 10-12 I will do Y and so on. Even if you do not get through the whole list, the planning helps to settle your mind and bring things in perspective so you can allow slots for yourself and your loved ones apart from work.
• When we feel fatigued and tired – we take a break, add some nutrition or supplement boosts and we are back on top in no time.
• We prevent boxing ourselves and placing any guilt thought or judgment onto ourselves. You are your own harshest critic. So if you’re ok with it then the world will be too.

Health is not about looking good – it’s about how you feel and the balanced lifestyle you lead to help you feel great. We are meant to and supposed to feel healthy, happy and at peace.

The Fresh Earth Definition of Health – “The state of feeling at peace with yourself”.

Why? Because when you are at peace with yourself, there is no illness, guilt or feelings of uneasiness.

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