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Raw Berry No-Cheese Cake Recipe

Raw Berry Cheesecake

Raw Vegan Berry No-Cheese Cake

Base Ingredients:
• 125g Walnuts
• 2g Ground Cinnamon
• 1g Salt
• 72g Pitted Dates (Soaked overnight)
• 10ml Coconut Oil

Filling Ingredients:
• 300g (weight before soaking) Cashews – Soaked Overnight
• 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
• 180g Fresh Blueberries
• 150ml Coconut Cream
• 40ml Coconut Oil
• 40ml Hibiscus Syrup
• 8g Acai Berry Powder
• 4g Vanilla Paste
• 2g Sea Salt

Hibiscus Syrup Ingredients:
• 5g Hibiscus petals
• 60ml Water
• 25g Xylitol

Base Instructions:
• Strain dates and blend ingredients until fine and binding well.
• Press to base of lined cake tin (18-19cm)

Filling Instructions:
• Soak Cashews in hot water until soft overnight. Strain well.
• Blend cashews and coconut cream until ultra-smooth.
• Add remaining ingredients and blend very well.
• Pour mix over base and freeze until firm
• Garnish with fresh berries and edible flowers

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