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Adapting to stress?

Adapting to stress?

We could list all the things that bring stress to our lives, not to mention all the interesting little ailments that stress causes – EEK – However we are probably quite aware of the stressors in our lives. The real question is how do we cope?

How can we feel less stress without changing our lifestyle. Chances are you live a pretty Fastlane busy life while trying to maintain a career, a family, social balance and then taking care of yourself… So much to do, so little time 😉

Thing is – No one can really tell you to stop stressing… Well, they could but ultimately the power lies with you. When we focus on stress we are putting energy into something that none of us want to experience, ultimately creating more of the energy we focus on.

There are many tried and tested tactics to maintain a stressful life – scheduling, planning, supplementing. Agreed that there are aids to help when things get a little hectic. For some it’s the occasional glass of wine, some meditation, yoga, exercise. These are all great for a quick relief, but how do we create a sustainable solution to the stress in our lives. Stressors do not just disappear.

I believe that having the ability to open your mind, take a step back and see things differently plays a big role in the amount of energy we put into these stressors. A simple thought “Why do I feel like this?”. “Is it really worth the stress?”. “What would happen if I did not worry about this?”. “A month from today, will this still affect me?”.

There is only now. We live so much worrying about what was done and what needs to be done that we focus way too little energy on the moment itself. That alone can make a difference in the way you experience your stressors.
That being said, there are a few hacks that may aid mind clarity, helping us access the ability to see things differently. Regular meditation, Mindfulness exercises, adaptogenic nutrition and good clean nutritious food are at the top of our list.

So, there is no silver bullet that will magically make the stressors disappear, however we are incredible beings with a powerful ability to open up your mind and see things differently. It lies within you to make the adjustment.

Stay Cool 😉

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