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Red Robyn Essentials Part 1 – Discovering the plant power of Essential Oils

Red Robyn Essentials Part 1 – Discovering the plant power of Essential Oils

Fresh Earth is an incredible community of staff and customers – amazing people who want to look after their bodies and health, in the most effective, earth-friendly way. I recently discovered a complementary community, a tribe of essential oil users around the globe who are sharing valuable information and inspiring new ways to support my health and well-being. There are so many situations in which I have started incorporating this plant power into my life.

As I move back out to re-embrace my community, I feel the weight and responsibility of ensuring I don’t spread the dreaded virus. Yet with an arsenal of essential oils, I move in confidence that my immune system – and that of my loved ones – is supported. It’s because of my favorite oil blend of the moment: dōTERRA’s On Guard.

dōTERRA – On Guard

I use this oil in a myriad of ways: A drop rubbed under my feet every morning and night helps support my body’s natural immune system. This winter, I am excited that I have a natural solution that I can use as part of a daily regimen that supports a healthy body. For public places, I carry a small spray bottle of my DIY On Guard hand sanitiser in my handbag; this doesn’t strip my body of all of its useful protective bacteria. I will send my children back to school with this packed in their bags! I also diffuse On Guard in my home and office to clean the air and it can be used after a visit. I brush my teeth with On Guard toothpaste and my foaming hand wash is close at hand in both bathroom and kitchen. To top it off, I make my own surface cleaner using this blend.

With some of the oils in the blend being clove, cinnamon and wild orange, it smells like Christmas! Literally! Orange also adds an uplifting ambiance to any room.

Along with body defense, in these uncertain times I seek support emotionally. To quiet my racing mind, I find that dōTERRA’s lavender or Serenity on my pillow at night has become an important and powerful part of my sleep routine. In the day, to cope with our changing world and any anxiety I experience as a result, I rub a drop of Zengest onto my tummy in a clockwise direction that has a remarkable effect to ground and comfort me.

If it was not for the invincible community of people near and far who share their wisdom, I would not have known to explore what oils work for me!

Essentially Yours,
Red Robyn

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