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“I am not body, I am free.” – ACIM

A mirror is a reflection of your mind. Who are you? Maybe you identify with the working mom, the struggling musician, talented artist, the successful businessman, or the free-spirited traveler. But what if we took away your career, achievements, success, looks, followers, and even your disease.

Your mind will now switch to auto mode, searching for some visual and physical representation of you. We struggle to accept that we can be. Being without judgment, living in love, and not fear of oneself.

What did ouma say?

You need to love yourself first before others love you. For me, that means self-care and self-awareness. The image that comes to mind is spending time and money to try and get us to look a certain way, so we conform to the view of everyone else’s perception of beauty. I feel we have twisted these words so much that we neglect to see the message behind the two-way mirror. When you express self-love, you attract love. It’s not so much BEFORE others will love you but rather that you need to accept and honestly believe that you deserve love. This happens through working on your mind.

Train your mind

We need to train our minds to believe and accept that we are not merely our physical beings. Beauty is more than skin deep. It’s soul-deep. When I speak of love, it is not necessarily a relationship with a partner. It extends to every single encounter, especially the encounters you have with yourself.

If I am not my body, then why do I create these hate-thoughts? The unfortunate fact is that we have been taught to believe we are our bodies.
Above I referred to living in fear of oneself – what I mean here is that we fear judgment from others and mostly ourselves, if we indulge in that brownie, we skip leg day, we have a bottle of wine… We feel guilty, and we then subconsciously punish ourselves. When you realise that you are not your body, your negative thoughts begin to fade.

How do we train our minds? We start by listening to the conversation in our heads without interacting. A thought comes up when you walk past a mirror – Try to catch yourself in that moment and see how silly the idea is if you allow yourself to believe that you are not your body. Your passing judgment onto literally nothing.
Most of us are not on a levitating level, and we’ve found a few things that may help us accept ourselves as beings.

When you worry about what you eat and how much you weigh, and who will like your post, you are putting out fear-based thoughts that do not add value to your journey. So going for a walk or a run, hitting the gym, reading spiritual books, meditation, even fresh hair color or a bubble bath – these help your thoughts go to fearless because you now subconsciously have ticked the box.

When you have fewer fear thoughts, you create room for self-love, and when you love, you attract love.

BeYOUtiful means to be self-aware, become the observer of your fear-based thoughts, and take steps to discover the essence of being.


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