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Caramel Vegan Marshmallows

Caramel Vegan Marshmallows

Try these decadent Caramel Vegan Marshmallows. Suitable for lunch boxes and desserts.


Coconut blossom sugar 250ml (1 cup)
Water 62ml (¼ cup)
Coconut blossom syrup 125ml (½ cup)
Chickpea Brine (Aquafaba) 125ml (½ cup)
Xanthan Gum 4ml (¾ tsp)
Fresh Lemon Juice 5ml (1 tsp)
Water 185ml (¾ cup)
Agar Agar 22ml (4 ½ tsp)


Corn flour (GMO free) 60ml (¼ cup)
Coconut blossom sugar 60ml (¼ cup)


  1. In a saucepan, slowly bring the sugar, water and syrup* to the boil. Slowly** boil for about 6-8min, until it reaches 115°C on a sugar thermometer /soft ball stage (take a glass of cold water and pour a drop or 2 of the sugar mixture in to the water – when you squeeze the drop with your fingers it should feel like a soft ball when the syrup is ready). In another pot place the ¾ cup of water and sprinkle the agar agar over. Set it to one side.
    2. While the sugar mixture is boiling put the aquafaba and lemon juice in a metal or glass mixing bowl. Sprinkle in the xanthan to prevent lumps and beat on medium speed until peaks begin to form***. This should be ready around the same time as the sugar mixture. Remove the sugar mixture from the stove and place the agar and water mixture on, to slowly start boiling.
    3. Slowly pour the hot sugar mixture with your free hand, into the whipped aquafaba mixture, all while beating.
    4. Next take the hot agar agar mixture (which should be a little thickened now and all the agar has dissolved), stir well and slowly pour into the marshmallow mixture while continuing to beat.
    5. The mixture will look very runny but keep beating for 8-10min until it starts thickening and cools. Now it will look more like marshmallow.
    6. Mix the cornflour and ¼ cup coconut blossom sugar together. Spray a 16×16 cm brownie pan with silicone paper or baking spray.
    7. Pour the almost cold marshmallow mixture into the pan and smooth gently until even. Dust the top with the cornflour coating and allow to set at room temp for 2hrs – to overnight.
    8. Cut into squares or any shape. Then coat each in the cornflour mixture. Best eaten the day of slicing but they should keep up to 3 days in a sealed container.


*SF – Free sweet sugar replacer can be used instead of coconut blossom and Maple syrup instead of Coconut blossom syrup. Alternatively, leave the syrup out completely and increase the coconut sugar to 300g.
**Boiling coconut blossom sugar is different to regular sugar, it will look like dark, almost burnt but don’t worry it wont burn if the heat is on medium.
***Using a table top mixer will make the pouring and beating process easier but using a hand beater will work fine and give your arms a workout.