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Red Robyn Essentials Part 4 – Emotionally Responsible


Growing up on a farm made me physically robust. It was seldom my mom’s way to prolong tears over a fall or a fight. We grew up being reminded to count our blessings and to move on quickly. Yet does one truly move on when our pride is wounded or something that happened to us cuts deep?

The problem with emotional wounds is that they cannot be physically seen. Only if we look closely can we see a twisted face of sadness, rounded shoulders of shame or barbed comments being given away. In our effort to push them aside, they wait patiently until activated…inevitably in some inopportune moment when we least expect it! Right?! This is in fact our empowerment moment to acknowledge their cry to be heard and it reminds us to take time to care for ourselves.

For me and my emotions, the way I have experienced the support of essential oils is not something that I can overtly put my finger on, yet along with my mindfulness practice, it’s as if the plant intelligence holds me in my emotional process. When I look at the science it makes sense though – it is said that the sense of smell is 1000 times more powerful than our other senses. What we smell sends instantaneous messages to the amygdala in our brain that sends our body into fight, flight, stillness or calm. This then, in turn, affects the chemicals in the rest of our body. For example, when you find yourself peeling an orange, take a deep breath and notice how the body switches over into the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the “rest and digest” function.

We can look at the type of oil in order to get an idea of which benefits the plants will gift us:

Citrus is energising and uplifting, but at the same time calming, helping to reduce anxiety. Anything sticky can be unstuck when you observe lemon’s cleaning properties. So physically or emotionally, these oils cut right through.

Spices are the ‘kick in the pants’. Physically, they are known to aid digestion, so emotionally they help us to digest all that we have to deal with in the world. They help us with fire in the gut, tenacity and courage. They fuel us to engage, create and activate. On Guard & Zengest are two of my favourite blends that include spices.

Herbs and grasses assist us to be alert, let go and clear out. They release things that we do not need. They create healthy boundaries. I have learnt how powerful the use of common garden herb oils can be, such as Oregano, which is nature’s antibiotic.

Trees are my favorite for stabilising. I can feel the deep roots grounding me, the strength of the trunk as well as the branches reaching up to the heavens. They have helped me to establish a sense of confidence and security in my ability through these changing times. Frankincense and Copaiba are firm favorites! Trees are our symbiotic friends for our respiratory system, assisting us to open up, breathe and trust.

Florals are soft and comforting, we experience them like a hug. When we see how a flower blooms, we can understand how this opens up our heart. They make us feel safe, so that we are able to be present for each other. Lavender is known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils! It has so many incredible uses and helps us to support our reactivity to our environment, both physically and emotionally.

Mints are energizing and oxygenating. They give us a mental break, the feeling of having just jumped into cool, fresh water on a hot day. They help us to release tightness and spasming. When we are stressed, we are tapping into our adrenal system, our cortisol, so we can easily run ourselves down. The mints, especially Basil, can support us for more sustainable energy.

If you’d like to find out for yourself what makes these oils so precious, why not join us on one of our FREE online Fresh Earth Introduction to dōTERRA Essential Oils classes or a one-on-one chat – Whatsapp Red Robyn on 084.511.1886 for date and time options, the Zoom link and to book your space.

Essentially Yours,
Red Robyn

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