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Adapt to Better Sleep

Adapt to better sleep

Sleep has become a $ 40 Billion industry worldwide, and the reasons why are crystal clear. We strive to sleep better because who doesn’t love the effect of a good night’s rest? We feel more energized, our recovery speeds up and very importantly, our mind gets the chance to shut down for a while.

Insomnia affects around 1 in 7 adults of the global population. The reason why it is so common? Well, there are many factors that may influence your sleep patterns, it could be pain-, stress-, depression-, or anxiety-related and may even be my-upstairs-neighbour-related 😉

From prescription medication to sleep retreats, we are constantly trying to find ways to sleep better.

When we sleep better, our minds are clearer and when our minds are clearer, we are able to make better decisions. The question is whether there is a universal silver bullet that can help us achieve the ultimate sleep experience. The answer is no, we’re all differently wired, and we all have different responses to whatever environment we are in or supplements we take or food we consume.

As a society, we’re all just really tired and stressed out and looking desperately for some relief, as the rise of viral anxiety products like fidget spinners has shown. Supplement manufacturers have always preyed on those who are looking for a fix that they think they can’t find in the mainstream.

You can adapt yourself to better sleep. Taking responsibility of your own health should be at the forefront of your decision-making to try out methods of improving your sleeping pattern. Consider trying the below tips before you resort to prescription meds that leave you feeling groggy in the morning instead of awake and well-rested.

What you eat – Eating better foods. Avoid eating 3 hours before bed, and, if you do – keep it light. Foods like dairy, caffeine, tomato sauce, chocolate and red meat for instance have been linked to insomnia. Stick to lighter foods.

What you do – Exercise, linked to stress relief and mind health. When you realise that you are taking care of yourself and your body, you are less likely to dwell on those 3am thoughts of “what you have not done” and how that will affect your “success” as you perceive it. Make the time to go for a 20min walk with the fur babies, or join the gym, go cycling, a 10km run – whatever you find enjoyable.

Your habits – Switch off, many of us, just before bed, pop in front of the telly for our daily dose of entertainment or we resort to social media or we end up answering that last email of the day. This actually creates activation in our brains, keeping our minds awake when our body is tired, thus creating fatigue. Having a conversation with your partner, your dog or your pillow on the other hand, helps us let go of the thoughts in our minds, lessening the possibility of dwelling on thoughts. Listening to music, meditating, reading a relaxing book all aid this process and are worth a go.

Your environment – Our senses are powerful, smells, lighting, sounds, energy all affect us in ways we cannot even grasp. Having that walk in the park surrounded by loving energy of nature, the soothing sounds of relaxing music, soft lighting and even the scent of the much loved lavender may also aid in bringing our minds at peace for a restful sleep.

Once you’ve taken control of your own sleep patterns, then you can decide whether you would like to add in a little helper. Natural remedies are preferred over synthetic chemical-based medication. For one, you don’t feel like a zombie the next morning and the side effects when taken responsibly are much kinder to your body.

Adaptogens have been around the sleep world for ages, and for good reason.
Adaptogens work to help the body better react to stress by balancing cortisol levels in the body. Because adaptogens work bi-directionally, they not only help promote relaxation and restful sleep, but also give us more energy and stamina overall – You need to play around here to find out what actually works for you and your body as an individual.

Many have had success with hemp-based products like full spectrum CBD oils, edibles and creams, whilst there has had no effect on a person in other cases, proving that there is no silver bullet.

It’s about discovering your balance by trying different foods, exercise, changing your habits or lighting a candle. Maintaining your power and accepting your responsibility towards self-care is how we believe all health-related matters should be considered.

Adapt to better sleep.

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