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Intuitive Eating

When I think of the term intuitive eating, I get the picture of the new kid on the block, the nerd with all the answers whose hand always goes up first in class. It’s essentially the biohacking of food, the giving up of “diets” and the art of listening to you.

Intuitive eating is a process of listening to your body, mind and thoughts. It’s so enticing to follow food and health gurus and accept that as what is, without question. Why would we be applying someone else’s view of health to our own body? We’re all wired a little differently and as such we respond differently to food and our thoughts around food are different.

That’s doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try out some way of eating that has worked for other people, simply put – it’s try them all and adjust them by feeling your reaction and making the mind-body connection to get to your own personalized version of “Banting”, “Paleo” etc. Make it the “Matthew” or the “Lisa” or the “whatever you would like to call it” way of eating.

A few of the main principles to consider are indicated below as a guide to intuitive eating.

Get rid of the “diet” Culture

We are constantly fed through media, people and ourselves with lose-weight-fast fads and comments on our bodies, what is socially acceptable and what’s not. Unfollow the channels telling you to lose weight, saying you’re not good enough, don’t eat this, do eat that and let your mind go to a place of OK, so that does not work for me and I don’t feel great on this without passing judgment onto yourself. This creates an opening in your mind for new opportunities to experience food.

Know your Hunger

Keep your body fuelled up with enough energy so you don’t end up triggering the primal drive to overeat. This is where your body literally thinks man I better eat up here to save some for the next time I don’t get fed. It’s ok to eat! It’s ok to be hungry.

Be the Rebel

Question everything! The food police saying you should only eat vegetables, or you should eat less wheat, or you should not be consuming so much dairy. Yes, it is so that these people mostly have either scientific or personal stories to back up their opinion, however it remains their opinion even if there are millions in agreement, it does not mean you should readily accept it as your truth. How can a piece of chocolate cake be “bad”? remove the labels, read the feels.

Forgive Food

Now’s the time to give up the food fight and give yourself unconditional permission to eat. When you tell yourself not to eat a certain kind of food it can lead to a serious sense of deprivation that build into serious cravings. Portion control here is key.

You can get all satisfaction

Start trusting yourself in that you will give your body everything it desires and needs. Observe signals that you are full and accept the signals if you are not feeling full. One of the most basic gifts of existence is the is the pleasure in food experience. Pause and ask yourself how the food tastes, how it makes you feel and if you are satisfied.

Gentle Nutrition

A lot of misperception is created around nutritious food, usually perceived as being boring and bland. More recently veganism has proven otherwise with fully plant-based dishes that are divine which you would not expect to get from plants. The possibilities with food are endless. Decide on foods that honour your health and taste buds while making you feel good. You don’t have to eat perfectly to be healthy. You will not suddenly get a nutrient deficiency or become unhealthy from eating that slice of cake.

Keeping all of this in mind as guidelines, remember to listen to you, observe your mind, observe your thoughts, and recognize the connection. Your body is your tool that helps you navigate through this amazingly beautiful challenging life!

You’ve got this… It’s all you.


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