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Hay Fever – Is your bread making you sneeze?

Is your bread making you sneeze?

Hay fever and bread, what’s the connection…

Are you feeling a bit stuffy, runny, achy and sneezy, with a scratchy throat, stomach-ache and maybe even a skin rash? These are some common hay fever symptoms, but how is it linked to your diet?

Gluten (the protein found in wheat, barley and rye) contains a class of protein called gliadin which has an effect on the protective barriers in our gut, breaking them down and temporarily allowing stuff from our intestine into our – that really should not be there.

Being allergic to gluten means that your immune system sees it as a dangerous foreign substance and then it acts against this invader by releasing antibodies that result in histamine running through your bloodstream. This creates an allergic reaction which is then the cause of your itchy, runny nose, eye irritation, skin rash and wheezing.

By reducing your wheat intake, especially during the allergy seasons, you are lowering the level of histamine in your bloodstream thereby taking control of your body and treating the symptoms naturally.

So, eating a minimal amount of your favorite bread is ok, if you are not diagnosed with an allergy and you supplement your diet with anti-inflammatory foods and avoid the ultra-refined – white bread.

We have plenty of gluten free recipes that are so tasty and nutritious, you may just transition your entire diet 😉

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Check out these amazing foods that can help you curb the crazy sniffles and do it in a colorful, tasty way.

Fresh Earth Buckwheat Millet and Rye -each

This is a light tasty rye and buckwheat bread. It freezes well and has a wonderful flavor. True to our food philosophy, this bread has no additives or preservatives and is made using only the best natural ingredients, without the nasties.
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Fresh Earth Cranberry Oat Crunchies – 6’s

These nutritious cranberry oat crunchies make for the perfect lunchbox or midnight snack. They are so good! Made using only the best quality, all natural ingredients. Homemade in our small artisan bakery in Emmarentia, JHB.
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Gluten Free Biscuits Ginger Choc – 5’s

Delicious gluten free biscuits with a ginger flavor and chocolate pieces. Made with real butter, free range eggs and high quality natural ingredients. Perfect as a crafty gift and anytime treat for kids and adults alike.
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