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Junk Food is NOT bad for you

Junk Food is NOT bad for you

Sugar is bad for you, carbs are bad for you, alcohol is bad for you, preservatives are bad for you, GMO’s are bad for you! So many things rated BAD for you.

Think about these words, how can junk food be bad for you?

Junk Food has absolutely no affect on your body – a burger is an inanimate object that standing alone cannot act to be good or bad, it just IS. It is matter, it is just a burger. Why are these things considered and classified as bad for you when these things have no control over you?

There is nothing wrong with these “things”, it cannot affect you unless you allow it to.

The blame game

We are so quick to push blame on fast food chains and junk food manufacturers for our health and obesity problems. But really, control over how bad these things can be for you lies within yourself.

I’m not saying that these things do not have any negative impact on your body when consumed, however you are in control of what you put into your body and the responsibility to maintain balance lies within you.

Having a deliciously greasy burger and fries with a shake will most likely not have a negative impact on your well-being, provided this is consumed in moderation and the key word here again is balance. If you overdo it with takeaways every night, well then you can likely expect negative health effects. You are the person deciding what’s on the menu.

Food cannot be bad for you, your own beliefs and thoughts around food, however, does have an impact on the effect food has on your body. Blame not the food, but the hand.

In order to be balanced in health and in life, we need to challenge and unlearn some of the beliefs imposed onto us by society and – have fun with it while we’re at it. Experiment, experience, learn and get to know yourself and your body.

I challenge you to think differently, change your mind about food and own the power that your mind possesses to control your universe.

Live full,

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