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Gluten Free Christmas Cake

Gluten Free Christmas Cake


240g Vanilla Gluten Free Flour mix
145g Sunflower Oil
144g Eggs
60g Chopped dried cranberries
48g Flaked almonds
35g Raisins
25g Chopped dried cherries
20 Sweet Molasses
15ml Brandy
14g Soft Butter
7g Ginger powder
7g Orange zest
7g Lemon Zest
5g Cinnamon powder
5ml Vanilla essence
2g Mixed Spice


Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Roughly chop the cherries and cranberries
Mix the brandy, zest, raisins, flaked almonds to the chopped cherries and cranberries.
Add the flour to the mixing bowl, with the spices.
Add the butter and mix until no lumps can be seen
Add molasses, eggs and vanilla essence into the mix and beat until just mixed together
Add the oil, and the fruit/brandy mix to the batter and beat until just mixed together
Pour the batter into a tin with a loaf case and bake for 30 minutes at 180

Top with a lemon royal icing

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