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Millet Risotto with Black Mushrooms Recipe

Chermoula Recipe


1 ½ cup Millet Washed
500ml Vegetable stock Home-made
1 Medium onion Chopped fine
1 tsp Crushed garlic
2 tbsp Ghee / olive oil
4 tbl/spn Mock Parmesan Can use real Parmesan too
Salt To taste
1-2 Spring onions Chopped
Black mushrooms


• Warm your vegetable stock in a pan on the stove.
• In a separate pot heat up the ghee or olive oil.
• Sauté the onions and the garlic together for +/- 2 minutes.
• Then add the washed millet and sauté with the onions and the garlic for +/- another 2 minutes.
• Using a ladle, scoop by scoop add the simmering vegetable stock to the millet. Before adding the next scoop make sure that the previous scoop of stock has been absorbed into the millet.
• Continuously and gently turn the millet in to pot to avoid it catching on the base.
• Continue adding the stock until it is finished and the millet is cooked.
• Remove from the heat and turn in the Parmesan or the mock Parmesan.
• Bake the black mushrooms in the oven with butter, garlic and chilli