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Millet and Steamed Vegetables Recipe

Chermoula Recipe


• 1cup millet
• 2.5 cup water
• 1t-spoon salt
• 1T-spoon olive oil
• ¼ t-spoon turmeric
• ½ red onion
• 1t-spoon toasted aniseed
• 1t-spoon black mustard seed
• Broccoli
• Green peas
• Oyster mushrooms
• Beetroot
• ½ t-spoon salt
• Tahini
• Lemon or limes


• Toast aniseed and crush with pestle and mortar- set aside
• Cut red onion finely
• Add oil to pot bring to heat – add onion, black mustard seed and aniseed – when onion is caramelized- remove from heat.
• To clean millet:
• Add to big bowl, cover with plenty water, pour out liquid – repeat 3 times.
• Place millet in sieve and let water drain off.
• Add millet, turmeric and salt to pot and mix in with onion and spices.
• Add 2.5 cups cold water to pot, bring to a rapid boil and immediately reduce to simmer.
• While millet is cooking….
• Prep and steam veggies… ( use whatever you like, perhaps try…
• Place some frozen green peas in a bowl – cove with boiling water, after 5min drain water
and set peas aside.
• Trim brocollli and oyster mushroom steam for 4min , if you do not have a steamer:
• Cover the surface of a pot with shallow boiling water and place on hot plate- when water is bubbling add veggies, cover with lid and let steam for a few minutes. When veggies are ready , remove from pot.
• Peel and grate beetroot, add to mixing bowl, and mix in with tahini , salt and lemon juice
• Add beetroot to plate and place steamed veggies on top of beetroot..
• Millet is ready when all the water has been absorbed.
• When millet is ready add to mixing bowl with peas and stir through.
• Add millet to plate alongside steamed veg.