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Butternut, Sage and Ricotta Fettuccini Recipe

Chermoula Recipe

Makes: 4 portions


800g Diced organic butternut
40ml Butter melted
80ml Olive oil
100ml Honey
Black pepper
4 Finely chopped garlic cloves
100ml Fresh sage leaves
250ml Crème fraiche
500g Fettuccini
100g Ricotta cheese


· Steam the diced butternut for about fifteen minutes.
· Melt the butter and olive oil in a heavy based frying pan.
· Add 100ml honey and fry the butternut for five minutes.
· Add salt and black pepper to taste.
· Add the finely chopped garlic and the fresh sage and fry until the sage is crispy.
· Stir in the 250ml crème fraiche.
· Add the crumbled ricotta cheese
· Cook the fettuccini in water and a dash of salt until aldente. Drain.
· Place the pasta in a serving bowl and toss through the butternut mixture.
· Top with crushed walnuts and shaved Parmesan.

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