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Marvellous Mesquite Granola

Hot and Cold Fruit Compote Recipe


For the paste:
3 x cups water
2 x cups dates, pitted
2 x cups cashews or brazil nuts
½ cup mesquite powder
1 x tsp. vanilla powder
1 x tsp. cinnamon
1 x tsp. salt

For the mixture:
4 x cups mixed seeds and nuts
4 x cups gluten free rolled oats or buckwheat, activated and dried


Soak the dates in the water.
Blend all the ingredients for the paste until smooth.
Roughly break up the seeds and nuts – either in a food processor, or chop it up with a chopping knife on your chopping board. Chop chop;-)
Add everything into a bowl and stir well until everything is coated.
Dry (in a dehydrator) for 12 hours on solid sheets, then dry on mesh trays for a further 36 hours until completely crisp. (If you don’t have a dehydrator, you can dry this in your oven at 35 – 40 Degrees Celsius, until dry and crisp).

PS: This recipe fills up a 3 litre jar.