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French Toast Recipe (Gluten Free)

French Toast Recipe (Gluten Free)


2 Large organic egg
10ml Milk
Pinch of cinnamon
100g Haloumi cheese
20ml Maple syrup
3 Slices Fresh Earth Gluten Free bread
Dash sunflower oil
Dash lemon juice


Beat the egg and milk together thoroughly.
Cut the bread slices in half but leave the crusts on.
Soak the bread in the egg mixture briefly
Heat the pan with the sunflower oil.
Fry the coated toast in the hot oil until golden brown.
In a seperate pan fry the haloumi with a squeeze of lemon juice until golden in colour
Assemble the cooked french toast on a plate.
Top with the grilled haloumi cheese
Drizzle with maple syrup
And garnish with cinnamon