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Coconut-Milk Omelette with Marinated Mushroom

Coconut-Milk Omelette with Marinated Mushroom


120g king oyster mushrooms
4 table spoons sweet soya sauce
1/2 cup chopped coriander
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
6 organic eggs
4 table spoons coconut milk
1 table spoon olive oil


Slice the mushrooms in half and marinate in the soya sauce, chopped coriander and seasoning.
Beat the eggs and coconut milk until combined and season to taste. Warm the olive oil in the pan over a medium to low heat.
Then pour the egg mixture into the pan and cook briefly.
Place the pan with the egg mixture under a hot grill until the top turns slightly golden in colour.
Turn one side of the omelette onto the other.
Top with the marinated mushrooms, then season to taste and serve hot.
(You can substitute the king oyster mushrooms with shiitake or even brown mushrooms.)