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Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns Recipe

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked spicy hot cross buns. No need to miss out on this traditional delicacy because you are gluten intolerant. We have developed a gluten free recipe that is easy to prepare and it doesn’t compromise on the taste. Makes 12 buns


440g Fresh Earth gluten free bread mix
460ml Water
85g Coconut Oil
35g Instant yeast
20g Molasses
15g Cinnamon
10g Mixed spice
180g Soaked raisins


• Add water into the bowl and add the yeast and molasses through the water.
• Add premix and the rest of the dry ingredients mix on low speed for two minute
• Scrape down bowl and add oil
• Add the raisings and mix on low for another two minutes
• Scale the dough into 90g pieces and roll into bun shapes
• Add the shaped dough to a baking dish
• Prove at 34 degrees celsius for 5 – 10minutes
• Once proved add the white cross (Fresh Earth pre-mix and water mixed together to form a dough)
• Bake at 180 degrees celcius for approximately 30 minutes or until done
• After it is baked brush the hot cross bun while it is still hot with honey or golden syrup for that sticky glaze.

Happy Easter!