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Butterbean Soup Recipe

Butterbean Soup Recipe


• 2 tins/800g cooked butter bean
• 2lt Vegetable stock (2lt water plus Veg stock powder)
• 5ml cumin powder
• 5ml salt
• 2T-spoon olive oil
• ½ small buttenut
• 1 big baby marrow
• 5 brown mushrooms
• 1 handful almonds
• 15 chives
• lemon


• Peel and grate butternut and baby marrow and add to mixing bowl
• Cut mushrooms into thin slices and add to mixing bowl
• Cook the mushrooms, butternut and baby marrow together in 2lt stock water
• Mix all ingredients together.
• Chop chives finely and add to a separate bowl
• Toast and crush almond and add to a separate bowl.
• Add beans to pot with water, cumin powder and salt
• Bring to a rapid boil and add the butternut, baby marrow and mushrooms
• Remove from heat and process half with a blender, then mix together again
• Add the almonds and chives at the end as a garnish