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Chilled Beetroot Soup Recipe

Chermoula Recipe


• 1 kg beetroot
• 1 big onion
• 1 big carrot
• ¼ small cabbage
• 1 stick celery
• 1 big apple
• 1 big and ripe tomato
• 1lt water
• 1t-spoon veg stock powder
• 5ml black pepper
• 5ml paprika
• 1t spoon apple cider vinegar
• 10ml fructose
• 2 bayleaf
• 60ml olive oil
• Steel bowl
• Stick blender


• Place steel bowl in freezer (this will make sense – i promise!)
• Cube onion – set aside
• Peel and cut carrot into thin slices – add to bowl
• Shred cabbage -add to mix bowl
• Peel and cut apple into thin slices– add to mix bowl
• Cut celery into thin slices-add to mix bowl
• Peel beetroot and cut into thin slices ( to speed up cooking time) –add to mix bowl
• Brown onions in a pot and add mix bowl ingredients.
• Add 1lt boiling water, bay leaf, fructose, black pepper, paprika and veg stock powder -bringing pot to a rapid boil.
• Cook on a high temp( boiling) until beetroot has softened.
• Once beetroot has softened, remove pot from heat.
• Roughly cube ripe tomato and add to pot with 1t-spoon apple cider vinegar
• Remove bay leaf and process all with stick blender
• To chill soup (when in a hurry!):
• To a bigger bowl add ice cubes and cold water
• Remove steel bowl from freezer and add processed soup,
• Add steel bowl to bigger bowl and be patient for about 5min until soup has chilled.
• Enjoy!