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Roast Butternut, Couscous and Veg Salad


250g Couscous
800g Butternut diced
50g Pecans
40g Spring onions, chopped
200g Feta
350g Baby tomato, cut in half
180g Cucumber sliced
Herb dressing
Olive oil
Black Pepper


To make the couscous

Boil the water
Place the couscous in a mixing bowl
Add the hot water in small amounts and stir with a fork breaking up any clumps
Keep adding the water in small spurts until the couscous is cooked and soft
Be careful not to be impatient and add to much water, this will rune the couscous.
Add black pepper and salt to taste
Mix in a little olive oil
Mix in lemon juice to taste (fresh lemon juice)
Roast the butternut in the oven with the olive oil, sage and salt. Make sure the butternut has colour but is still firm.
Mix the butternut, spring onions, pecan nuts, tomato and feta in a bowl together.
Add the herb dressing.
Add the mix to a serving bowl and garnish