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Quinoa and Fig Salad Recipe

Quinoa and Fig Salad Recipe


150g Quinoa, rinsed and cooked
8 Turkish figs, sliced
8 Radish, sliced
1 Cucumber, cut into quarters and deseeded before slicing
1 Small Onion, diced
8 Croutons
10 Baby Tomato, sliced in half
4 Medium Carrots, sliced
Handful of Sprouts


Cook the quinoa until cooked but still firm in a fresh veg stock
Add everything to the mixing bowl and gently combine
Add Fresh Earth herb dressing

Fresh Earth herb dressing

Mix all the following ingredients together in the blender

400ml Olive oil
100ml Lemon juice Freshly squeezed
110g Chopped onion
7.5g Garlic
7ml Dried basil
7ml Dried Oregano
7ml Dried parsley
55g Fructose
7g Brown sugar
½ tsp Sea salt
½ tsp Black pepper